Digital Transformation

Digital and the consumerization of the workplace

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Middle Managers lost in digital

Digital Transformation and the key role of middle managers

Over time we're starting to have a good understanding of how digital transformation should be driven, what works and what does not.Executive managers are...

Digital Economy and Business Models

Axa partners with startups

How AXA partners with startups. An Interview with Elise Bert Leduc

assurance, AXA, AXA Strategic Ventures, Elibe Bert Leduc, KAMET, partenariats, startups, Vivatech
The future of the work contract

The future of the work contract is Terms of Use

Digital transformation is not only disrupting the way we work, it's also transforming the employment framework. Work and work contract, for instance, will never...

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Management and HR

Employee Experience

Employee experience : who should be in charge ?

After a first post on defining employee experience and a second on how to turn it into concrete initiatives, it's time to wonder about...
Employee Experience

Defining your employee experience (part 2) : the touchpoints

After a first post on how to define the employee experience of a business and make it workable, this one is about how to...
HR marketing and data

HR Marketing and employer branding in the age of data

I'll start with two observations that have very little in common at first sight. The first is that HR in general and recruiting in...

Collaboration & Enterprise 2.0

Microsoft acquires linkedin

Microsoft buys linkedin : lessons and concerns

The recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft for $26.2 billion was the biggest news of the last weeks. This move tells us a lot...
Digital workplace fragmentation

Fixing the digital workplace fragmentation issue. Discussion with Richard Hughes (Broadvision).

A few weeks ago I wrote about the issues raised by the fragmentation of the digital workplace. That's a very important matter and I...
Interoperable social IS

A praise for an interoperable social information system

The collaborative digital environment is getting more and more complex. The belief in a unique platform able to cover anyone's needs is collapsing. Either...
Facebook at Work

6 months with Facebook at work : my feedback

Facebook at Work : stroke of genius or huge joke ? Like many people, that's the question I had in mind when the enterprise...

Experience and digital business

Business Under Construction

Building an experience business : lessons from the Adobe Summit

In the middle of may I had the chance to attend the Adobe Summit.Without any surprise the main word of this 2016 edition was...
Employee experience is the future

Employee experience is much more than the future of employer branding

In a previous post I introduced employee experience as the future of employer branding (or its extension, depending on what employer branding already meant...
Digital employee to CEO

Letter from a wannabe digital employee to his CEO

Dear CEO,You frequently take stands on our company's digital transformation, either in the press or internally. That's very kind of you and the least...

Marketing and Customer Relationship

Fix your organization before you deal with the customer

Businesses need a chief experience officer

Adobe, adobe summit, chief experience officer, collaboration, connaissance client, contenu, data, données, expérience client, journey designer, journey manager, marketing, marketing digital
Digital Assistants

How digital can improve the travel experience

Digital Transforms customer relationship and service in any industry. Today let's focus on the travel industry.How could players in the travel industry use digital...

Software and IT

Saas and change

Is Saas a change killer ?

If technologies makes major improvement possible, it's not self sufficient. In the last decade we saw the the adoption of software allowing to reinvent...

Intranet and Digitla Workplace

The Digital Renaissance of Work

The Digital Renaissance of work : a phygital journey

The evolution of the work environment in a digital era is not only, as many think, about the digital workplace or the intranet. No...
Frustrated digital employee

The digital workplace is for all kinds of employee

The concept of intranet largely evolved over the last years to become a digital workplace but some old habits still die hard. Some businesses...

Your intranet is not about intranets anymore

The most symptomatic evidence of the evolution of the concept of intranets is obviously the much awaited study published by Jane McConnell every year....

Robots and connected objects

Men and robots : what work relationships ?

Recently I heard someone stating this during a conversations "We're going to work more and more with robot.  Anyway, they're already around". Then someone...

Big Data and Cognitive Computing

The end of the web as the way to access information...

Internet is a wonderful tool for information sharing and collaboration and the web is most easy and efficient way to access it. As a...


Generations don’t change. Life stages do

Generations and life stages
New generations, Y,Z and what will come after are still the source of passionate debates even is some of their members are not that...

Is coding the new grail or only smoke and mirrors ?

Is the learning of code by everyone what will - as we often read - make businesses successful in the digital economy ? Will...

Are MOOCs new distribution, education or business models ?

The rise of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) is said prefiguring the future of leaning. Accessible by all, wherever people are, they are the...
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