Will HR be the first downgraded of the digital era ?


  Some time ago I wrote that digital transformation was a real chance for HR to regain a foothold on a major matter that will decide of the future of businesses in the next decades. This post has echoed among many of my contacts in HR who see digital not only as an opportunity but […]

Customer experience is at the heart of digital models (Manuel Diaz)

manuel diaz

I’ve written a lot on experience and its importance in new business models, digital or not. I had the chance to go further into the matter during a long discussion with Manuel Diaz, President of Emakina France, known for being a thought leader in this field. Bertrand Duperrin : Hello Manuel. You’ve been focusing you […]

Are your employees really hopeless at digital ?


A company decides to tackle its need for digital transformation. Not only to provide new trendy devices and tools by make employees make a relevant use of them. Make them think what they do, design propose “right” to be aligned with the world that surrounds them. A dedicated team is set up, reporting to the […]

Learn more on HR in the Digital era at HRTech Europe 2014


The place of human resources in the digital transformation of organizations raises lots of discussions. I can’t count the number of articles and post on this topic, some alarmist, some still hopeful than HR won’t be the only one missing the train. This is a matter I’ll discuss on this blog in the next week. […]

What email has entreprise and social networks don’t


I know that email should be┬áseen as Evil and that eradicating it from the workplace is trendy but there is no getting away from the facts. Except in some very rare cases the promise of diminishing the number of emails by using enterprise social network has never been kept. First because the center of gravity […]

Being a 100% B2B vendor at the age of IT consumerization


Until then everything was fine. Employees were working with the tools they were given and most of them were impressed by how rich and powerful the enterprise tools were compared to was they had at home. Then they started to complain about the interface and the user experience because was “much better on the web”. […]

Digital transformation: customer experience isn’t everything


Digital transformation is one of today’s hottest topics. It’s a wide field and the word is often used as a catch-all to mention anything new and technology related. Anyway : it’s a priority issue even if there’s no real consensus on what it means and how to achieve it. The issue of the 2014 State […]

The numbers we overlook when reinventing work


The world is moving fast, the economy is moving fast, changes come fast and businesses have to keep up with this pace. Innovate, solve problems, handle exceptions faster and at scale. We can talk about that for hours but this sums up everything that force organizations to transform, either they like it or not. That […]

Who is really benefitting from employee engagement ?


Engagement is now seen as an essential factor of sustainable success. As a matter of fact in a connected world businesses need the active contribution of everyone to be successful. In a world of fierce competition everyone needs to do more than expected to beat competitors. The benefits of engagement are known. Engaged employees are […]

Wrong assumptions in digital transformation : my Social Business Forum Presentation


Digital Transformation was one of the major topic of the latest Social Business Forum in Milan in early July. It was also the topic of the presentation I gave. Here’s the idea that led to the speech. We see more and more businesses starting such initiatives and, most of times, the have the following discourse […]