What’s wrong with social collaboration ?


Whatever people say in public, there’s something wrong with social collaboration. There are more and more initiatives, these initiatives have an increasing success rate but observers seem to be less and less satisfied. Things could be better, go faster, there’s a lack of concrete results, the matter is not in fashion anymore so that’s not […]

[Quote] In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data (Deming)


That’s a quote many people like to mention but that’s widely overlooked when it comes to actual work. It says that expect in one famous irrational cased based on personal beliefs, no one should trust anything that’s not backed data. If you were thinking that tools, methodologies, indicators, dashboards and KPIs were helping organizations to […]

The digital enterprise is like planes : drawn, not supported


Digital transformation is something binary. Historically, it’s been made of two disciplines. An internal one, collaboration, collective intelligence and efficiency driven and an external one rather focused on customer relationship. Despite the time that passes, we still see businesses favoring one over the other, dealing with each separately and not in a fair way. The […]

Enterprise social networks : what to expect, at which price ?


What’s important when a social collaboration project starts is to gauge one’s effort and expectations according to one’s potential. It’s been nearly ten years that businesses have been trying to improve the way they collaborate, their collective intelligence and effectiveness through technologies inspired by the social web. It started with blogs and wikis deployed in […]

Enterprise social networks to become free hubs ?


What if the future of enterprise social networks was to become free ? An idea that many – and, most of all, vendors – will find absurd but that came to me after I’ve made a couple of observations. First, an enterprise social network has a few value by itself. I’m not saying it has […]

Emakina boosts engagement and HR marketing with Hero


How to gamify work, boost engagement, favor workforce learning, boost employee engagement and reinforce its HR marketing with a single system ? It’s a matter of productivity, engagement and employer brand all businesses face today and which they’re trying to tackle, often¬† in a muddled way. Finally, few have achieved an undified and integrated approached […]

Robots are the future but not your job’s


Digital revolution will deeply transform our lives in the upcoming years. The way we live and work. The changes it makes possible and implies are expected by some, feared by others but what is sure is that it’s where we’re headed and that we have to find our new balance in this new environment. But […]

Employees : be eminent, not influential


If the concept of influence matters a lot in web-based interactions, it’s still a matter of headaches for businesses. It’s impossible to count the number of discussions about the concept of influencers and the debates is much more than rhetorics. From the definition one has of influence and influencers derives the way a marketing or […]

What makes a company a digital champion ?

Digital Champion

If there’s no doubt that digital ils the new Grail, what can make us say that a company is successful or, at least, or the right path ? According to Altimeter, if 88% of organizations started their digital transformation journey, only 25% have a clear idea of what it means and have mapped their journey. […]

The connected employee : chosen of suffered moments ?

connected employee

  New ways fo working made possible by the internet, most of all because it allows to get rid of time and location constraints, raise many questions for businesses. These questions are about two main areas. First, human relationships. Will we stop having face-to-face meetings ? Will virtual meetings replace all physical interactions ? And, […]