IBM Verse and email reinvention


One of this year’s most noticeable product announcement was IBM Verse. Like in Orlando when I see the first announcement and screenshots during the latter IBM Connect conference, I could not nothing but admit that the collaboration product that draw the most attention and curiosity in 2014 is…an email client. What is not that surprising […]

The Digital Enterprise in 2015 : where are we headed ?


December is usually predictions time. Some happen to be right, many will only happen in 2 or 3 years and some are irrelevant because we may lack lucidity and mistake what we would like to see and what is really likely to happen. However it’s a quite interesting work because it helps to assess the […]

The second machine age


The digital world ahead of us is very promising. However, we should not believe that technological progress alone will bring prosperity to all. It may even be the contrary. In a previous post I showed the impact that machines and robots will have on jobs and came to the conclusion that we were not ready […]

Where are the budgets of digital transformation going ?

Money Flows

Digital transformation is a major issue and businesses are taking it very seriously, allocating it more and more significant budgets. However, it’s a broad area in which many things fit and it’s interesting to know what CEOs consider as a priority. If we start with the assumption that budget allocation is a relevant indicator then […]

The collaborative economy : what governments are missing

Collaborative economy

The collaborative economy is disrupting many industries and governments struggle to manage this transition. Being in denial is useless, there’s not an industry that is not or won’t be impacted by the deep economical transformation in progress. Digital economy for the ones, collaborative economy for the others, no matter the name, a new normal is […]

Technology adoption kills your digital transformation

Cool Technologies

I could have titled this post “All this fuss for what ?”. Or “what’s bred in the bone will come out in the flesh”. Time has passed from the early days of entreprise 2.0 and the move to what we call digital transformation is a sign of higher maturity and awareness. Nobody thinks anymore that […]

Putting the H back at the center of HR


At the end of october I attended the HRTech Europe conference in Amsterdam to see what was the state of the art and understand how HR were positioning themselves regarding to matters like digital transformation. If I had to sum up my takes in one sentence I’d say that it seems that the H is […]

What’s wrong with social collaboration ?


Whatever people say in public, there’s something wrong with social collaboration. There are more and more initiatives, these initiatives have an increasing success rate but observers seem to be less and less satisfied. Things could be better, go faster, there’s a lack of concrete results, the matter is not in fashion anymore so that’s not […]

[Quote] In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data (Deming)


That’s a quote many people like to mention but that’s widely overlooked when it comes to actual work. It says that expect in one famous irrational cased based on personal beliefs, no one should trust anything that’s not backed data. If you were thinking that tools, methodologies, indicators, dashboards and KPIs were helping organizations to […]