Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in 2017 : the end of dreams and miracles

Hello and happy new year everyone.As the tradition wants, we'll start 2017 with some predictions that only commit those who want to buy them.Let's...

From Digital Transformation to busting bureaucracy

Digital transformation can mean different things. Some people will focus on customer experience but most of all it's, for a business, acquiring the capabilities...

Digital Economy and Business Models

Uberization game over

Uberization : is the party over ?

business model, monopole, rentabilité, uber, ubérisation

The CHRO, the extended enterprise and the freelancer

Alors qu'on nous promet la génération du modèle freelance en remplacement du salariat, cela pose la question de la stratégie RH face à l'entreprise étendue.

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Management and HR

Why you don’t need a chief happiness officer

At the same time many businesses are starting the question the role and the relevance of a Chief Digital Officer, a new concern is...

HRIS to serve people, not only HR

A couple of years ago, attending a HRIS event may be boring boring. Not because the matter was not interesting but because it was...

The onboarding : the pivotal moment of employee experience

carlos ghosn, expérience employé, groupe renault, onboarding, renault, Ressources Humaines, parcours employé, expérience

Collaboration & Enterprise 2.0

Should Slack Fear Microsoft Teams ?

I mentioned Microsoft Teams in a previous post  and some people asked me how I saw the future between Slack and Microsoft Teams.For those...

The Digital workplace : both fragmented and integrated

At the end of the latest Enterprise Digital Summit in spring 2016, I left you with some thoughts about the digital workplace.In short : 1°)...
Disposable collaboration

Collaboration has become disposable. Is it a good news ?

As promised I'm adding to the conclusion of my recent post on the future of the collaborative digital work environment.If I had to summarized...
The future of social collaboration

Slack, Facebook at Work and the future of social collaboration ?

In last may I was a speaker at the Enterprise Digital Summit  and if many of the topics we discussed used to be around...

Experience and digital business

There’s no customer experience without tangible signs of recognition

chauffeur privé, expérience client, fidélité, programme de fidélité, programme de fildélisation, reconnaissance, uber

Chat Bots : beware of counterfeit

"Chatbots" are very popular. What is it ? It's a mix between "robot" and "chat" : chatbots are conversational robots that interact with users...

Is the customer experience revolution on its way ?

There is not a single business that have not made customer experience its main focus. But what happens in reality ? Where are they...

Marketing and Customer Relationship

Are Google, Facebook et Al. the new ERPs ?

Until not so far ago, when we talked about structuring technologies for businesses it was clear that it was about the ERP. Like it...
Fix your organization before you deal with the customer

Businesses need a chief experience officer

Adobe, adobe summit, chief experience officer, collaboration, connaissance client, contenu, data, données, expérience client, journey designer, journey manager, marketing, marketing digital

Software and IT

If you want to get rid of the cloud do it...

The cloud is without any doubt the new model for enterprise IT. Tomorrow a large part - if not the whole - of enterprise...

Intranet and Digitla Workplace

Are notifications our new plague ?

How many notifications do you receive every day ? 10 ? 50 ? 100 ? Our days are punctuated by the notifications we receive...
Intranet, content and relevance

On the intranet managers want content and users relevance

Should we talk about intranet, enterprise social networks or digital workplaces, one thing is sure : what happens inside the company will look more...
The Digital Renaissance of Work

The Digital Renaissance of work : a phygital journey

The evolution of the work environment in a digital era is not only, as many think, about the digital workplace or the intranet. No...

Robots and connected objects

Men and robots : what work relationships ?

Recently I heard someone stating this during a conversations "We're going to work more and more with robot.  Anyway, they're already around". Then someone...

Big Data and Cognitive Computing


Generations don’t change. Life stages do

Generations and life stages
New generations, Y,Z and what will come after are still the source of passionate debates even is some of their members are not that...

Is coding the new grail or only smoke and mirrors ?

Is the learning of code by everyone what will - as we often read - make businesses successful in the digital economy ? Will...

Are MOOCs new distribution, education or business models ?

The rise of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) is said prefiguring the future of leaning. Accessible by all, wherever people are, they are the...
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