Being digital in 2018 : consumerize your organization

2018, consumérisation, expérience client, expérience employé, simplification, transformation digitale
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Being digital in 2018 : stop thinking that digital is all about the customer

2018, e-commerce, expérience client, expérience employé, transformation digitale

Employee Experience beyond HR

expérience employé, hrtechworld, productivité, Ressources Humaines, unleash

On the consumerization of HR (again)

I've already wrote about the consumerization of the workplace and of HR in particular. As...

The 4 dimensions of employee experience

I recently attended the HRTech World conference in Amsterdam (which was renamed "Unleash" afterwards, what...

Employee and customer experience : simplification is not rationalization

expérience client, expérience employé, parcours utilisateur, process, rationalisation, simpliciité, simplification, usages, workflows

Digital : the empire strikes back

The digital tsunami that's been around for the last ten years has disrupted lots of...

The new customer centricity

Every business claims it's customer centric. At least that's the discourse, reality being very different....

Uberization stage #2 : the people vs the platform and robots

plateformes, uber, ubérisation, voitures autonomes

The Digital workplace : both fragmented and integrated

At the end of the latest Enterprise Digital Summit in spring 2016, I left you with some thoughts about the digital workplace.In short : 1°)...

Are notifications our new plague ?

How many notifications do you receive every day ? 10 ? 50 ? 100 ? Our days are punctuated by the notifications we receive...

When colleagues are clients, everyone should adopt a vendor mindset

When it comes to digital transformation and more generally to any change program, I've surprised to see to what extent the value proposition for...