The future of participation : big data and connected objects


The future of web 2.0 and social web has been seen for long under the strengthening of user participation. It seems that we’ve reached the end of a cycle. As a matter of fact, heavy trends like data and objects – commonly marketed as big data, connected objects and internet of things – are nothing […]

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Managing compliance and legal risk in internal social networks


If the matter was largely overlook while enterprise social networks projects were in their infancy, compliance is becoming a major concern for many businesses. What is it ? Ensuring that the use of a social network complies with regulations. Regulations being national, international or only internal policies. Examples : how to make sur employees won’t […]

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Disconnecting during vacation is good

connecté plage

That’s a matter that comes back endlessly : disconnection. I’m not – or not only – talking of disconnecting from social media, which is a trendy topic, but of global disconnection, most of all regarding to work. It has nothing to do with the usual and endless conversation on disconnecting from social networks. It’s not […]

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Digital/Social : what impact on business performance ?


There’s not a company that does not try to become “social” or “digital” but for what results ? That’s the interesting question that recently surfaced during a discussion I had. One more evidence that skeptics matter because they force us to dig beyond appearances. The question is simple : we can see lots of businesses […]

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The digital workplace : a reality, a scorecard and many challenges

digital workplace

The 2014edition of the famous Jane McConnell report on the digital workplace has just been issued and is available here. In my opinion it’s a major edition and a turning point in the history of intranets and digital workplace. Moreover the report is not named “Digital Workplace Trends” anymore but “The Digital Workplace in the […]

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[Quote] The Social Network is the new production line. Ginni Rometty (IBM)


The Social Network is the new production line Ginni Rometty (CEO, IBM) This sentence from IBM’s CEO is in line with many of my thoughts about what was called Entreprise 2.0 in the past, Social Business today and I don’t know what tomorrow but is nothing more than the Graal businesses have been looking for […]

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Social Business is a production system


In what category should we put things like social business, social collaboration, enterprise 2.0, social CRM and all these new concepts that flourished during the last decade ? Some consider they are activities. That’s to say things one does, often in addition to work. People share, participate. Sometimes it impacts others’ work, sometimes one can […]

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Holacracy at Zappos : no boss or hierarchy. Really


It was the big announcement of the end of 2013 in terms of management innovation. Zappos announced they were going to adopt a management model called Holacracy. It’s an enterprise transformation aiming at making the organization more responsive, adaptable, efficient by focusing on the work to be done rather than positions and job descriptions. The […]

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[Quote] We should not expect an application to work in environments for which its assumptions are not valid


We should not expect an application to work in environments for which its assumptions are not valid Eliyahu M. Goldratt As you may have noticed, that’s a quote I often use to talk about change and, in particular, about social technologies in the workspace. But I’m sur anyone could find many situations in which its […]

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Where’s the digital in the digital transformation


By the end on 2013 I mentioned the growing importance of digital transformation programs that don’t aim at making people use technology but creating the right context for a way of managing and working that may (or not) be supported by technology. But before what will certainly be one of this year’s big buzzword takes […]

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