Social Business trends from the Social Business Forum 2014 in Milan


The Social Business Forum that took place on July 1st and 2nd in Milan was a good occasion to have a quick but deep overview of the state of the art in social business and in the use of social and digital technologies by businesses. Quick wrap-up of what was “In” and “Out”. Out : […]

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Digital Transformation : the key success factors


McKinsey recently issued a series of articles on enterprise digitization? As usual many regret that they say nothing we already know but the McKinsey signature makes it easier to bring the matter to one’s boss without looking like a fool. However, there are a couple of things that deserve to be repeated again and again. […]

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Why is there customer service and no employee service ?

believe, do, live it - motivational concept

I recently mentioned the concepts of employee experience et employee service. As a matter of fact, if we think that brand experience is a factor of sense making and value creation, that the needed employee engagement implies a symmetric experience inside the company, we can start thinking of “employee service”. If in a flexible, resilient […]

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Participative innovation leads to intrapreneurship at Credit Agricole


A couple of weeks ago I came across a very interesting white paper on intrapreneurship issued by french bank Credit Agricole. I did not mention it on this blog since the content was only available in french but I rencently had the occasion to meet with them to know more about how they were trying […]

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Digital transformation : a (last) chance for HR ?


Unless being in bad faith no once can say that HR have been particularly brilliant in the “enterprise 2.0″ or “social business” field until now. If, of course, it will always be possible to find some examples proving the opposite but (and specialists agree on this point) they are nothing but the trees concealing mournful […]

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In the age of context the web is a collective intelligence platform


Connected objects, (big) data, social networks. They are today’s hot topic even if the general public and even businesses don’t really understand what it’s really about. Each concept taken alone is poorly understood and the potential of their joint use is often unseen. This new frontier of computing is the subject of Age of Context: […]

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Data and robots to make enterprise social networks successful


One day, annoyed by an unexpected problem, an employee figures out that the best may to find a solution is to use the social network his company deployed months ago. He logs in, throw a message in a bottle and….will never get any answer. The “message in a bottle” case is the typical use case […]

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[Quote] “Tell me how you measure me, and I will tell you how I will behave”


“Tell me how you measure me and I will tell you how I will behave. If you measure me in an illogical way… do not complain about illogical behavior…” Eli Goldratt That’s a quote anyone should have in mind as companies are trying to change the way work is done, to give a boost to […]

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How analytics help to make better fact-based HR decisions


A couple of months ago I got interviewed by a journalist on HR Big Data and the probability to see it adopted one day. My answer was : 1°) HR Big Data means nothing. Big Data is only the engine while the value depends on the output. What matters in these case is analytics and […]

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Customers and the bring your own experience era


It took time before the message got understand and anchored into mindsets but it seems we’ve reached a tipping point : customers value experience. Period. They don’t care about the heavy investment you made, have nothing to do with the actual cost of a product or service. There’s what they experience and nothing else matters. […]

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