What makes a company a digital champion ?

Digital Champion

If there’s no doubt that digital ils the new Grail, what can make us say that a company is successful or, at least, or the right path ? According to Altimeter, if 88% of organizations started their digital transformation journey, only 25% have a clear idea of what it means and have mapped their journey. […]

The connected employee : chosen of suffered moments ?

connected employee

  New ways fo working made possible by the internet, most of all because it allows to get rid of time and location constraints, raise many questions for businesses. These questions are about two main areas. First, human relationships. Will we stop having face-to-face meetings ? Will virtual meetings replace all physical interactions ? And, […]

Big Data at Work

big data at work

In his new book, Thomas Davenport explains why and how to design and deploy an enterprise big data strategy. If data are the new oil and Big Data one of the major challenges for the coming years, moving from concepts to actions is still a problem for many businesses that lack clear points of reference. […]

Digital reinvention : an orchestrated, cognitive symbiotic and contextual model

digital reinvention

Among the many studies on digital transformation, one recently caught my attention. Issued by the IBM Institute for Business Value, it’s titled “Digital Reinvention : Preparing for a very different tomorrow”. I won’t discuss the use of the word “reinvention” even if I find it meaningful. Businesses have spent years digitizing the existing instead of […]

Social dialogue in the social media era


Social media and networks are game changers in the workplace. As they allow a less hierarchical, less formal and more desintermediated form of communication, they change the way people communicate, collaborate and work. It’s now taken for granted that they change the balance of power between employees and managers, employees and organizations, their impact on […]

Intelligent agents to improve the employee experience


Employee experience goes far beyond the way people interact with their work tools. But, given the time spent behind a screen every day, it’s obvious that this side is a major concern. I already said how disappointed  I was by how employees were treated compared to employers in terms digital journey. If you think that […]

What qualities for the social employee ?

Social Skills

Following my previous post on the social employee and knowing the difficulties businesses face to attract and mobilize digital talents, I put together a list of the qualities that are expected from employees in a digital enterprise, the social and social employee. If with start with the assumption that digital is rather a way to […]

People are complicated ? So let’s try with robots and data


Whoever has already been involved in a social business project will confirm that. The power of social business is people and the ability to leverage an unprecedented number of talents, ideas, skills and information they own. And its main issue is….people. I previously wrote that collaboration was a fragile and unstable state of human relationships […]

An enteprise social network by Facebook : is it a joke ?


So Facebook would be reportedly preparing an enterprise version of its social network. This is not really new – the information dates from this summer – but it’s interesting – or incongruous – enough to spend two minutes on it. What would Facebook join the enterprise market ? The first question we should ask ourselves […]

What does digital really mean to HR (part #2)

Lost and Confused Signpost

Second part of  my latest post on what digital means to HR that don’t want to be downgraded.Non exhaustive list of how digital and HR complement each other. Culture and DNA Digital transformation is more a new way to think and do things than a matter of tools. Provide a manager who thinks that information […]