Enterprise 2.0 : corporate or isolated initiatives ?


One of enteprise 2.0 main issues is to know which strategy must be adopted to favor adoption. Does it have to come in a global enterprise project (something rather top-down) or does the enterprise to make tools available and wait to see what happens.

I won’t consider “under the radar” intitiatives because the enterprise can’t capitalize on it. More, it could favor the emergence of a counter culture within the enterprise, what is something than can be quite dangereous. But the only fact that “under the radar” could happen proves people really need this change. So, since the change is needed, what’s the best way to make it ?

The enterprise have to keep a minimum control on this king of transformation : everything that has to do with organization must have anticipated consequences since it will impact how the enterprise will work. And you can’t run an enterprise without knowing how it will work in a few mounth or years.

That’s why I’m convinced that E2.0 must be an enterprise¬† project.

Alignment is crucial. On this topic I read a very interesting post from Bill Ives, and I suggest you to read the second comment above it, the one from “Mike”.

Which conclusion can we draw from his experience ? It’s the enterprise project that prevails over local iniatives. Even if tools are adopted, if the new management says “game over”, people go back to the way they used to do things before.

Of course, E2.0 lives by people, gives them autonomy so it can’t be a process that can be imposed. But between waiting what will happen and building a global large scheme in which people will developp their own new practices, there’s a wide range of possible attitudes.

Even if the projet is very slightly directive, the principles have to come from above.

Enterprise 2.0 will be born from the top and will live from the bottom. 

Perharps we may draw criterias to forecast E2.0 adoption


– kindly enterprise : possibile success with risk of getting back

– decided enterptise with whish for an organization evolution : probable success and strong rooting in the enterprise’s cuture.

– distrustful enteprise : development of “under the radar” initiatives, parallel practices at the margin of the organization and risk of an emerging counter culture against the established organization that may cause lack of implication.