Do you know a good, free, online, project management app ?


This morning I received an email from a shattered friend.

She works for a company that organizes conferences and have something like 45 projects to manage at the same time, each of them being at a different stage of its life, and a lot of incoming and outgoing contacts (with both internal teams and outside people). She’s close to become really crazy if she don’t find a tool to help her.

Of course her employer won’t spend a euro for this.

Of course she needs an online solution since she won’t be allowed to install anything on her computer.

Do you have any idea ? Any suggestion ?

  • Try Zoho projects . Its free for 1 project.

    CoMindWork is free for one project too

    huddle is great too!

    The requirements for your friend is not very clear and I can’t give you any in depth analysis of the products. But I have tested all of these and they are quite good. If the employer is not willing to pay there will be some sacrifices she has to make on the software (i.e. sign up 45 different accounts). It sucks when employers are like that but thats the way life is.

  • Thanks a lot !

  • Your friend must be in chaos having to deal with so many projects without a pm solution.
    I am recommending her to try .
    It is a free online pm tool we have with some extended functionalities: project and task management, time and expense management, issue tracking and extended collaboration through wikis.

    If she needs additional information let her contact us at

    All the best,