Enteprise 2.0 is like consulting the doctor…


Let me introduce your Robert. Robert is a top executive, a simple manager…it doesn’t matter. He’s responsible for his staff’s results and wants to make in order to the goals are reached. Robert is not still very young. But not old either. Let’s say he has reached an age at which the excess that were made yesterday begin to really impact one’s life and health.

Today, Robert has a very busy day. Since he’s not feeling as strong as he was in the past and missing the energy he had years ago, he took and appointment with his doctor. As for his afternoon, it will be dedicated to a meeting with enterprise 2.0 experts.

This day is doubly important because, at the end, he must have two action plans : one toward his own health which has something to do with its personal performance, the other toward his staff’s.

Robert is at the doctor’s.

Robert : here we are, I’d like you to prescribe a treatment in order I feel as well as I used to do 20 years ago.

Doctor : first, I need to examine you.

Robert : Listen. I told you how I’m feeling and what you should do for me. Isn’t that enough ? You don’t trust me ? I’m the best person to know how I’m feeling and what I want !

Doctor : humm…ok. But it seems to me that you should have less “heavy” meals with sauces etc.. I don’t even mention apĆ©ritifs, liqueurs, wine… Moreover you should stop having your daily whisky…and stop smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.

Robert : Listen. I came here to ask you to improve the way I’m feeling and, in no way, to hear you asking me to change my behaviors, the way I live, the way I do things. Anyway, I’ve always did things this way before. Give me the right medicaments and stop interesting yourself in my life !

Doctor : As you want…but I’m not sure it will be of any use.

Then Robert heads back to his office to start his “enterprise 2.0 meeting” with some experts. According to you, how did things go off and what were the results of the project ?