Your strategy needs to be adaptive and opportunistic


In a fast changing world, businesses are getting tangled up in their strategy. A strategic plans follows another that had even not been achieved because the context has changed and make it irrelevant. That comes with two major downsides : by continuously being “in between” businesses are never specifically somewhere and employees are getting lost […]

Lessons on the hard job of designing communities in the organization

Summary : If communities have a real value for organizations, there are still few certainties about their positioning and management. Out of the work flow by definition, communities only create an indirect value for organizations, hence the fact there’s been a lot of efforts to bring them as close to the flow as possible in […]

Cost reduction : a false good idea for organizations in tough times ?

Summary : In tough times, businesses have one major concern : reduce costs. A saving attitude provided it’s not mixed up with its far relative : the reduction of spending and investment. Spending reduction may be the logical consequence of a cost reduction program but does not replace it. Reducing costs means pondering one’s operational […]

Some collaboration lessons by John Chambers (Cisco)

I already mentioned CISCO’s collaborative experience a long time ago. I’m taking advantage of a recent article to share a few things about the “Chambers method” for collaboration. I’m tempted to say that there’s no miracle and that what the article says is only common sense. Anyway, it’s helps to identify the main lines of […]

Is Netflix the right example of enterprise 2.0 ?

Netflix recently issued a 128 slides document explaining their culture, their organizational model, their management and the way they work. It attracted a lot of attention and  advise you to read it before carrying on. Culture View more presentations from reed2001. According to many people, Netflix issued the reference enterprise 2.0 manifesto, or rather the […]

Socializing your decision making process

A good example of process socialization is about decision making. A few weeks ago I read this interesting paper from Olivier Sibony (Associate Director at McKinsey). Since the article is in French I hope Google Translator will provide you with a good english translation. What is it about ? Making the right decisions is key […]

Enterprise 2.0 : the CISCO case

You must have noticed how many posts have been published about Cisco these late days. The US giant seems to be the first example of global enterprise 2.0 or, at least, to be the first to meet such a recognition for its success. Many things have been writen about that and it will be easy […]

With I-Prize Cisco Hammer It into Crowdsourcing for Innovation

A little time ago I wrote about Cisco’s Human Network. One of the point I raised was to know is Cisco was about to only play a facilitator’s game or try to exploit its network’s fruits when relevant. The answer was obvious,  but now it gets materialized and is called  I-Prize. It’s nothing less that […]

With Human-Network Cisco steps into societal innovation

When we talk about enterprise 2.0 it’s often about organization or marketing. But it can also be about activities that are not directly business related but ma be important considering the societal role enterpises now have to play in a protean ecosystem. That’s the purpose in which Cisco launched Human-Network in France. I know there’s […]