[Quote] In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data (Deming)


That’s a quote many people like to mention but that’s widely overlooked when it comes to actual work. It says that expect in one famous irrational cased based on personal beliefs, no one should trust anything that’s not backed data. If you were thinking that tools, methodologies, indicators, dashboards and KPIs were helping organizations to […]

Process, enterprise 2.0, lean and agility

Summary: enterprise 2.0 has often been shown as the opposite of formal organizations and processes that have been the rule until then. What raised a keen interest from and fear for others who know that enterprises, organizations with a production purpose, can’t live without processes. In “Enterprise 2.0 and processes”, Yves Caseau shows that putting […]

Corporate e-reputation is the visible part of an impressive iceberg


Summary : enterprises fear, and sometimes with good reasons,  the impact on their reputation of what their employees could write on the web. But this fear is sometimes so disproportinate that it leads to ludicrous situations. New balances have to be found in this domain, but that’s not all. The image of the organization, its […]

Is Quality the 2.0 word for quantity ?

Before starting anything in any context, knowing what one want to achieve is essential. Some say that the answer is obvisous : sell. The famous “Nothing happens until something is sold” by Thomas Waston is still unconsciously embebbed in many things we do and we have to admit that being the best at anything is […]

Is Netflix the right example of enterprise 2.0 ?

Netflix recently issued a 128 slides document explaining their culture, their organizational model, their management and the way they work. It attracted a lot of attention and  advise you to read it before carrying on. Culture View more presentations from reed2001. According to many people, Netflix issued the reference enterprise 2.0 manifesto, or rather the […]

Enterprise 2.0 and quality

I’ve always been convinced that enterprise 2.0 had a hudge potential but that it was often wasted because of 2.0 experts’ navel-gazing and a kind of will to marginalize those they consider as backward-looking people. In short, enterprise 2.0 often failed to speak a language that could be understood by the enterprise. It’s in no […]

Out of the crisis ! How ? Why ?

Rehearsal of some of the problems.We live in a society dedicated to dividends, organization, decision, orders from top to bottom, confrontation (every idea put forth must win or lose) and all-out war to destroy a competitor be he at home or abroad. Take no prisonner, there ust be winners and there must be losers. This […]