How to integrate innovation in your organization…with your IT dept.

I’coming back on an article titled “Teaming Up to Crack Innovation Enterprise Integration” and issued in the Harvard Business Review in last november. It has many interests : it’s about the vital problematic of innovation, it shows this so-called innovation can only be distributed and rely on sharing, it shows how such principles can be […]

Community management is about business, not claptrap

I recently bumped into a post putting community managers on their guards : if they can’t demonstrate / deliver any ROI they may face very hard times in a near future. In the one hand I share the idea according to which, “external” community management (that is not the same thing as community management for […]

With I-Prize Cisco Hammer It into Crowdsourcing for Innovation

A little time ago I wrote about Cisco’s Human Network. One of the point I raised was to know is Cisco was about to only play a facilitator’s game or try to exploit its network’s fruits when relevant. The answer was obvious,¬† but now it gets materialized and is called¬† I-Prize. It’s nothing less that […]

Developing and managing information capital to support strategy : can enterprise 2.0 help ?

After some days “off” (too busy at work to take care of my blog), this is the second post of my series about how enterprise may support strategy. After human capital comes information capital. It’s about assessing the availability of the information systems, networks and infrastructure which aee needed to support strategy. A first sight […]

With Human-Network Cisco steps into societal innovation

When we talk about enterprise 2.0 it’s often about organization or marketing. But it can also be about activities that are not directly business related but ma be important considering the societal role enterpises now have to play in a protean ecosystem. That’s the purpose in which Cisco launched Human-Network in France. I know there’s […]

In order to reduce risk due to innovation organizations have to take more risks

When talking about innovation there’s many things people objectively agree. Objectively only, become for some it’s still hard to put into action what they understand. Some say it’s because of fear, intertia, resistance to change…but wouldn’t it be because they misunderstand the very reasons that make innovation compulsory ? First of all, let’s list the […]

How Finaref managed to get both innovation and web 2.0 within the organization

I never write anything about my projects and clients in my job at blueKiwi two reasons : first the company has it own site to communicate and, second, there’s always a suspicion about objectivity when you talk about your employer. But sometimes, I need to find examples to illustrate what I say and I don’t […]