The numbers we overlook when reinventing work


The world is moving fast, the economy is moving fast, changes come fast and businesses have to keep up with this pace. Innovate, solve problems, handle exceptions faster and at scale. We can talk about that for hours but this sums up everything that force organizations to transform, either they like it or not. That […]

A zero-email organization ? Please be serious…

There’s not a person who’s not aware of the current limits of email and the fact it has become a factor that limits employees performance. But very few really try deal with this issue once and for all. Among those who dare we can mention Atos Origin that want to become an emai free organization […]

Better collaboration does not mean better results for the organization

Summary : when we try to explain the new way of collaborating that’s expected in the workplace, it often looks like a lot of flows and interactions that has to form around every employee. But that’s overlooking one essential point : context. If interactions flows around employees, employees are organized around a production flow that […]

Is multitasking dangerous or a myth ?

Multitasking is a big issue for both people and organization. It’s the (presumed and made essential) ability for someone to do many things at the same time. The social media phenomenon and the increasing number of information flows people are exposed to are making this concern more and more central. I’m afraid that, behing th […]

I’m more productive when I get rid of the tools I use

After a long reflection I realized that the tools I use were the cause of a high level improductivity. And that the others gives me incredible services. Try to pay attention to this in the upcomming days. Try to take some distance on your own experience, listen to your colleagues, you friends, and I’m sure […]

What management has to learn from the Airbus vs. Boeing competition

Remember, it was a long long time ago, that, in the times we are living, means something like ten years. At this time Airbus was wondering how to compete with Boeing on the big carriersmarket and was working on what would become the A380. On its side, Boeing was not thinking about replacing its mythic […]