[Quote] The Social Network is the new production line. Ginni Rometty (IBM)


The Social Network is the new production line Ginni Rometty (CEO, IBM) This sentence from IBM’s CEO is in line with many of my thoughts about what was called Entreprise 2.0 in the past, Social Business today and I don’t know what tomorrow but is nothing more than the Graal businesses have been looking for […]

Don’t reduce the intangible economy to the digital economy. Thanks.


I’ve already written about the new GDP calculation method that will soon be at work in the US. Regarding to what I’ve read here and there it seems that some clarification is needed to prevent mistakes. If, in my post, I mentioned the impact this new calculation method for intangible assets can have on the […]

Is your organization conductive ?

Summary : a conductive organization knows how to organize on information flows and turn them not into inert matter but into actionable assets to serve the market and sustain its own success. Information management is not an isolated discipline but a comprehensive approach of how the whole company should operate. In “The Conductive Organization”, Hubert […]

Investing in people ? Are you kidding ?

Summary : the knowledge economy rely on people as an efficiency and growth driver. That’s a given. To ensure the competitiveness of businesses in the future, new operating models, frameworks and practices will be needed. That’s understood but not easy to implement. Investing in human and the frameworks that will ensure that the best use […]

Making the most of key resources in collaboration

Summary : tomorrow’s organization will be connected and communicative. This is the only way to success in the knowledge economy. But communication and exchange, which are essential foundations for collaboration, need a sender and a receiver who mobilize their attention. But attention, more than time, is the scarce productive ressource which use has to be […]

Are curators the missing thing in enterprise 2.0 approaches ?

Summary :in a few weeks, a new concept burst into the web : the curator. It can be defined as filter and broadcaster for qualified and targeted information. Is it a new fad or a key element of a successful approach. With hindsight it seems that it’s the perfect complement to community managers when the […]

Many challenges and lots of progress to make for HR according to IBM

IBM recently issued a study after having gathered insights from more than 700 Chief Human resources officers, titled “Working Beyond Borders”.. I let  you peruse this long and interesting document but here’s in a few lines some of my takes from it. Let’s start with te conclusion. As we could expect, it confirms what many […]

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed…but not luckily

Summary : there’s a missing link in the enterprise 2.0 discourse that does not reassure organizations. They’re being asked an impressive effort to generate information, connect people, they’re being told all the benefits they can draw from that but are not explaine the mechanism that will turn this information potential into tangible results. The fact […]

Are you “on demand” or “when we can” ? Enterprise 2.0 and the customer perspective

What does social software bring ? Nothing by itself (contrary to many others, a social app doesn’t process or treat anything but allow people to do things…) but since it makes some things more easy to do it should, in principle, help to improve performance and productivity for many kind of tasks provided people understand […]

Thoughts on social learning

What’s social learning ? The word comes more and more often in lots of conversations, everyone understands what’s behind and yet everyone has his own definition. That’s the reason the idea formed at Ecollab to ask some experts what was their vision and to gather all these views into a whitepaper. And for once I […]