What matters for CEOs ? Innovation, customer, collaboration and values

Summary : IBM recently published the new edition of its famous CEO Study, after having interviewed 1700 CEOs from all over the world and all industries on their stakes and concerns. If the results won’t surprise anyone, two things are worth being noticed. First is that some questions are now on the desk of the […]

Don’t confuse enterprises without managers with without management

Summary : we talk a lot about the cases of enterprises without managers, praised for their agility and their effectiveness. Businesses show interest for this kind of model and, as the same time, are scared by it. Some even make fun of such an idea because anyone with common sense knows that no business could […]

No matter your organization is an elephant : it can dance too !


Summary : What makes a social business project successful ? To what extent question the existing and transform the culture ? Is success possible when top managers are not much concerned ? If we observe three major cases, there’ something obvious : the project was tied to an organizational change wanted by deeply involved CEOs. […]

Social Business should become structural

Summary : there is no change without people and social business or 2.0 projects are not exceptions. WIthout a good sponsor and passionate advocates, failure is often at the end of the road. But people change, come and go, and old systems often come back to life once the bright leaders are assigned to another […]

How the myth of “superman manager” causes organizational stagnation

Summary : nearly everybody knows that the role of manager will have to evolve. But there’s still a gap between words and action. The fact is the common mental representation of managers, that’s been been built when people were students and is predominant in the workplace, which, combined with a culture of visual control makes […]

Enterprise 2.0 : who’s the good sponsor for your project ?

Summary : you need high level sponsor to start what is a processus that will deeply transform your organization. Hierarchical position and budget are not enough : the sponsor should be able to carry and embody the project, show by the example and, most of all, have courage. No one questions anymore the fact that […]

Many challenges and lots of progress to make for HR according to IBM

IBM recently issued a study after having gathered insights from more than 700 Chief Human resources officers, titled “Working Beyond Borders”.. I let  you peruse this long and interesting document but here’s in a few lines some of my takes from it. Let’s start with te conclusion. As we could expect, it confirms what many […]

Your manager is not “2.0 minded” ? No reason to blame him !

Some weeks ago Oscar Berg raised an interesting question on twitter. I can’t exactly remind his words but it was something like “what to think of a manager that fears social media, transparency, who’s afraid of seing his staff exchanging more easily without refering to him ?”. One of my fellow-countrymen immediately answers : “it […]

Some collaboration lessons by John Chambers (Cisco)

I already mentioned CISCO’s collaborative experience a long time ago. I’m taking advantage of a recent article to share a few things about the “Chambers method” for collaboration. I’m tempted to say that there’s no miracle and that what the article says is only common sense. Anyway, it’s helps to identify the main lines of […]

Enterprise 2.0 and quality

I’ve always been convinced that enterprise 2.0 had a hudge potential but that it was often wasted because of 2.0 experts’ navel-gazing and a kind of will to marginalize those they consider as backward-looking people. In short, enterprise 2.0 often failed to speak a language that could be understood by the enterprise. It’s in no […]