Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business : the end of denial ?


While many people are questioning the actual impact of Social Business and Enterprise 2.0 projects, while it seems we’ve reached a crossroads, the Social Business Forum I attended in Milan last month was the occasion to see a change in discourses. What is not surprising because that’s things I’ve been used to hearing in the […]

Marketing getting lost in digital according to Accenture

cmo insight

Accenture issued a CMO Insight Survey,summing-up the challenges of digital marketing. The result of this is difficulty to keep up with clients’ expectations in a complex that gets every day more complex. But despite of this and the disconnect between the talents they have and the capabilities they need, CMOs believe they can significantly improve […]

The individalization of custmer relationship : why and how ?


The individualization of customer relation is the new concern of marketing departments. After mass marketing, after segments, we’ve reached the ultimate level of granularity. Bus as for any trend emerging as a “must have”, it’s legitimate to wonder if it’s so essential and if it’s not the new decoy and, if not, how to achieve […]

Opting in : the web brings product management back on the field


Social media and networks have something paradoxical for product directors or marketers. On the one hand they represent an awesome new potential but on the other hand they question their role so much – rather the way they’ve fulfilled it for decades – that they are used in two fashions  : not at all or […]

If you leave your marketing alone, digital won’t fix it


In short : while digital was supposed to trigger a new era for for marketing, it seems to be slowly killing it. Low performance and lost of trust from boards are established facts. But blaming CMOs is a too easy shortcut : they won’t be successful until joint and multidisciplinary programs are implemented. Social media […]

When Marketing and Communication face the wisdom of crowds

In brief : communication and marketing often feel helpless as the malleable mass becomes a wise crowd able to support or thwart their plans. Businesses must learn to put their ecosystem under a positive tension, what means understanding new levers and adopting postures that are not natural to them. I’ve been waiting for years for […]

Are we challenging the right silos ?


Summary : silos are a well known harm enterprises are trying to get rid of. But, in organizations that need to be deeply connected to markets and customers, where problem solving and exception handling are becoming employee’s day to day work, what is the level of collaboration between IT, HR and marketing ? If, at […]

Is measuring online influence bad for customer service ?


Summary : now that lots of tools exist to measure online influence (or whatever we think it is), businesses are perfectly tooled to target their messages and communication programs. Provided they get the notion of influence right. On the other hand there’s another trend that may be dangerous in the future : using a tool […]

Enterprise 2.0 and social business : what to expect in 2012 ?


Résumé : what will be the enterprise 2.0 / social business in 2012 ? It will highly depends on choices organizations will make to deal with the paradox of finding ways to go out of the crisis while not having much money to invest. 2012 will certainly be the year where window window-dressing projects and […]

Do you need a brand strategy on the social web ?


Summary : the presence of brands on the internet is a major concern for businesses entering the social web. But there’s a big difference between thinking and definining oneself as a brand and an ogranization. A brand is the expression of an identity while the organization is rather an action driven approach to customer service. […]