How quick wins can sometimes be misleading

Summary :most of the projects aiming at changing the way people work or implementing new tools start with seeking quick wins, evidences that the promise can be delivered on a small scale with a limited financial risk. Even if it’s a logical and wise approach, one should prevent from paying too much attention to quick […]

Setting up a pilot is not only a matter of sizing

Andrew McAfee recently raised the question Michael Idinopulos discussed some months ago :¬† is the concept of “pilot” relevant to enterprise 2.0 and should we drop it. Some (excellents) thoughts can also be found on Emanuele Quintarelli‘s blog. In fact the cause of the discussions comes from some assumptions that are not always true : […]

Are you piloting or experimenting ?

When an organization tries to embrace something new, the first steps are made in a very cautious way and that’s logical. Even when there’s a clear idea of what is being done, things have to be tried on a small scale to validate some things, compare the plan and the reality. I don’t even mention […]

Why haven’t I use this app earlier ?

A few weeks ago I was in a meeting, taking notes. A glance at a colleague’s screen aroused my curiosity and I asked her : “what’s the application you’re using ?”. Then she showed me this wonderful app she just discovered weeks ago. As for me, I only had to blame myself : it’s not […]

10 questions to answer to succeed in an Enterprise 2.0 project

It’s a common place to say that if you want to succeed there are things that have to be done. But, by focusing only on actions and forget thinking, the risk of doing hudge mistakes is obvious, that’s why so many opportunities are wasted. To succeed, you also need to have answers. Answers that allow […]

Does enterprise (2.0) need a pilot ?

It started with this provocative post from Michael Idinopulos. His message is quite claire : assuming that enterprise 2.0 relies on networked interactions, that these interations need a critical mass of users not only because of Metcalf law but also because, by definition, it’s impsossible to know at the beginning¬† who will be needed in […]