Cost reduction : a false good idea for organizations in tough times ?

Summary : In tough times, businesses have one major concern : reduce costs. A saving attitude provided it’s not mixed up with its far relative : the reduction of spending and investment. Spending reduction may be the logical consequence of a cost reduction program but does not replace it. Reducing costs means pondering one’s operational […]

Better collaboration does not mean better results for the organization

Summary : when we try to explain the new way of collaborating that’s expected in the workplace, it often looks like a lot of flows and interactions that has to form around every employee. But that’s overlooking one essential point : context. If interactions flows around employees, employees are organized around a production flow that […]

Employees are not middleware

Summary : the reason why employees balk at using many of the tools they’re provided with is because they are asked to articulate different ways of working and type of informations together and bridge the gaps between application silos. Not only all of them don’t have the required skills to do that, to understand how […]

Does your enterprise social network really make you more productive ?

Summary : one of the most frequent arguments used in favor of the implementation of an internal social network is productivity improvement through the ability to access and mobilize resources more easily. While that’s an undisputable truth at the individual level (and provided the tool is used by enough people), it does not mean that […]

Is Quality the 2.0 word for quantity ?

Before starting anything in any context, knowing what one want to achieve is essential. Some say that the answer is obvisous : sell. The famous “Nothing happens until something is sold” by Thomas Waston is still unconsciously embebbed in many things we do and we have to admit that being the best at anything is […]

Is workload measurement the problem of the century ?

Optimizing workload has always been a key concern for businesses and managers. A too heavy workload regarding to the capacity leads to explosion, a too low workload means resources are wasted. I don’t even mention last minute assignments to face imponderables. In brief, bad adjustments have an heavy price. In a manufacturing economy things are […]

Your knowledge helps you more than your productivity

I’ve always had an ambiguous feeling about productivity. In the one hand, doing more or faster with the same amount of resources is a significant improvement. In the other hand, with hindsight, we have to admit that productivity continuously increased these last decades, that whenever a hard time everything is done to increase it even […]

Stop saying nonsenses about Facebook and productivity

One day we can read that using Facebook at work increases productivity by 9%. The day after we ear that it decreases by 1,5%. Depending on people’s interest, sometimes a liberal attitude is promoted, sometimes a total ban, sometimes an internal placebo made of home-mades facebook-likes intranet. This is only my own opinion but I’d […]

I’m a bottleneck…but I try to improve

I wrote “I”…as I could I written “us”, “you”… a little story that’s, of course, imaginary. Any similarity whith any existing situation or people is accidental. Finally, I did it well. Slowly, step by step, I climbed up the company’s hierarchy and took more and more responsabilities. Today, I’m managing a large team. I’m responsible […]

Management 2.0, SOO and productivity

I started, here and there, writing about the need for changing flows direction within organization : switching from a “pushed” to a “pull” way of producting and communicating. The purpose is to make it possible for people to determine their action according to a goal rather than to an order. Why is that so important […]