Is reputation a new currency ?

Summary :reputation is often mentioned as a new currency in models based on exchange, trust and collaboration. It’ logical to some extent but a too easy shortcut if it prevent from thinking about how to remunerate contributions from people who are not looking for recognition but to satisfy more basic needs. Reputation is rather a […]

The problem with knowledge economy : it does not exist !

Summary : Enterprise 2.0 or social business initiatives aim at crafting organizations that fit what we call the knowledge economy. And that’s quite hard…for one reason. The knowledge economy does not exist. Knowledge work and workers do. Not the economy. What’s missing ? A global environment that would help its blooming, its take-off rather than […]

Some collaboration lessons by John Chambers (Cisco)

I already mentioned CISCO’s collaborative experience a long time ago. I’m taking advantage of a recent article to share a few things about the “Chambers method” for collaboration. I’m tempted to say that there’s no miracle and that what the article says is only common sense. Anyway, it’s helps to identify the main lines of […]

2.0 ratings for employees : it’s not that simple

Andrew Mc Afee wrote two interesing posts on the need for using 2.0 ratings for employees ( here and there).This kind of concern seems to be more and more actual for companies (I wrote about it there) and it confirms the accuracy of the old adage “tell me how you’re assessed, I’ll tell you how […]

Transforming usages in enterprise 2.0

Last week I was a part of a panel about “enterprise 2.0 : usages transformation”. Here are, in a few lines, what I retain from this event. Of course these are my own impression since when you’re on stage you tend to focus on people’s concerns rather than what the panelist said. • How do […]