Big Data : why you’ll love to hate it


Like it or not, big data will become more and more important for businesses. There’s still a lot of work to be done to help them understand its potential – even if nearly nobody actually gets it since technology improves faster than our ability to imagine new use cases – and explain employees and managers […]

Information leaks on social networks : that’s not the problem

Summary : businesses see social networks as possible channels for information leaks caused by negligence. What is right. But their retort, that is mainly technological, does not solve anything because social networks are only one of the many channels that can make risks become true, not the cause of the risk. As a matter of […]

Employees first ! Supporting those who really create value.

Summary : “Reverse the pyramid”…other words may be used to scare less but it’s concern shared by many organization. It’s, in some ways, necessary to face the increasing complexity of the world that surrounds us but it’s also the obsessive fear of many organizations and managers used to the command and control model and not […]