Social CRM is not about media but a new approach to customer relationship

Summary : everyone has an idea, even a rough one, of where social CRM is taking us but no one exactly knows what will be the levers. A common mistake is to keep on managing customers the old way, as a passive target whose only function is to buy in a system where value is […]

Just read “Sales 2.0″ : it’s not about technology

I often mention salesteam to demonstrate the benefits of social networks to support more effective business practices. There are many reasons to that : this is a field where indicators are eay to find, it’s a result-oriented population (more than any other) and it’s strategic enough to make businesses take it seriously instead of using […]

What CRM is and what it should be

The good thing with acronyms is that they are easy to remember. Their weakness is that it’s easy to forget their meaning. Let’s consider CRM for instance, it means “Customer relationship management”. I repeat customer relationship management. If we have a closer look, we are forced to admit that CRM has been lead astray to […]

Social CRM and lead generation : headaches ahead !

Objectively, to my mind, Social CRM is the first concrete and operational formalization of the wider enterprise 2.0 concept. But it won’t go without bringing many questionings for marketing people as well asĀ  possible disputes. One of the social CRM principles is to create attention, then relationship in order to “pull” the business. It’s not […]

Efficiency, performance, constraints and things 2.0

We saw in a previous post that one of the best ways to improve performance was not to push to people to make impossible things but to get rid of the constraints that crub their performance. Once that said, if the vision is understandable by everyone (rather than trying to push something large in a […]

Using web 2.0 to improve sales performance

Dennis McDonald and Social Media Today are working on a white paper in order to define where web 2.0 would have the biggest impact on sales processes. To do that, they put a short survey online in order to gather informations from sales managers about their current practices. I advise sales manager to complete it […]

2.0 ratings for employees : it’s not that simple

Andrew Mc Afee wrote two interesing posts on the need for using 2.0 ratings for employees ( here and there).This kind of concern seems to be more and more actual for companies (I wrote about it there) and it confirms the accuracy of the old adage “tell me how you’re assessed, I’ll tell you how […]

Social medias : don’t mistake revenue for organizational performance

Yesterday morning someone pointed out thisĀ  CioInsight survey to me (the publication date isn’t mentioned although it would be an useful information…). It tells us that, among the technologies that will be expected to drive revenue, only 11,5% of enteprises quote social networks and only 12.3% quote wiki. Does it mean enterprise 2.0 is unable […]