Where are the budgets of digital transformation going ?

Money Flows

Digital transformation is a major issue and businesses are taking it very seriously, allocating it more and more significant budgets. However, it’s a broad area in which many things fit and it’s interesting to know what CEOs consider as a priority. If we start with the assumption that budget allocation is a relevant indicator then […]

Learn more on HR in the Digital era at HRTech Europe 2014


The place of human resources in the digital transformation of organizations raises lots of discussions. I can’t count the number of articles and post on this topic, some alarmist, some still hopeful than HR won’t be the only one missing the train. This is a matter I’ll discuss on this blog in the next week. […]

Enterprise 2.0 needs reverse management

Summary : there will be no enterprise 2.0 without managers 2.0 with new practices and a new way to contribute to collective success. But holding managers responsible for the whole change is a mistake. Managers will need employees 2.0. In return for their new autonomy, employees will have new responsibilities in the management relationship and […]

The impossible modeling of the social enterprise as such

I really liked Jeremiah Owyang’s work on the future of the social web a lot, just as the discussion we had when he visited Paris. I wondered if such a model can apply to enterprises, the kind of thing that is intellectually challenging whitout being sure if would be of any use. I quickly came […]

From the 5 eras of social web to transforming organizations

I had the chance to meet up with Jeremiah Owyang during his last coming in Paris. He presented us his report on the the future of social web. An interesting discussion followed, then we came to have a drink and carried on. One thing I used to sense and which was confirmed is the specificity […]