Mobile customer engagement : it’s about transactions more than content


Improving customer experience and increasing engagement in a context of mobility has become a key concern for businesses. It’s useless to repeat to what extent mobile uses have increased over the last years or that customers use their mobile even in a physical shop or that their expectations regarding to mobile interactions with businesses are […]

Will you know how to export your conversations and focus on transactions ?

The world of communication and marketing is worried because of the consecration of digital medias, an highbrow word used to talk about the web by people who are suddently feeling out of date. For many people, the revolution brought by the web is the so-called new “power” that’s in internauts’ hands. According to me this […]

Does enterprise (2.0) need a pilot ?

It started with this provocative post from Michael Idinopulos. His message is quite claire : assuming that enterprise 2.0 relies on networked interactions, that these interations need a critical mass of users not only because of Metcalf law but also because, by definition, it’s impsossible to know at the beginning¬† who will be needed in […]

Enterprise 2.0 : the last step before the project economy ?

A few months ago I wondered if we were on the road to an externalisazion of enterprise’s non structuring function, which may paradoxally put value creation outside the enterprise. In this situation the enterprise’s only job would be to manage outsiders according to its needs. I don’t say it’s a good or a bad thing, […]