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  • The conference was focused on building online communities, community platforms, and the business case for extending the conversations among employees, customers, and partners through mediated and facilitated online means […] This experience helped me to understand better how work will change as more and more of our work and interactions will be conducted in these online communities.

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    • Their definition of a what constitutes a “2.0 Community” succinctly suggests the boundaries and features:
  • Whilst this is yet another example of HR bashing I am concerned that the profession does not seem to be focusing on the right issues at the moment. In the current environment where issues such as the “credit crunch” (and other elephants) demand focus on matters such as talent, organisational design and lean processes this research suggests that we are otherwise engaged

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    • 1. More than 70 percent of HR Organizations focus on Risk Avoidance rather than Risk Taking;
    • 5. While only 22% of leaders were assessed as expert, only 15% were considered expert by non-HR respondents.

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