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    • Individuals in organizations experiencing the « marked indifference to people » would have no incentive to adopt Web 2.0 tools. The benefits would escape them and the dangers would grab their attention. Their experiences would have them knowing:

      • to not expect to be valued for what they know
      • to not get cared for in ways that support them knowing more
      • to not share what they know with those who can use it against them
      • to not care about knowing more that could jeopardize their fit within the indifferent system
  • I read recently that IBM was abandoning the term “knowledge management” for “knowledge sharing.” According to an article on the KnowledgeBoard site (thanks to Chris Johannesson from NBC Universal for suggesting that I blog about it), Chris Cooper, knowledge sharing solutions leader at IBM Global Business Services (GBS), deems it a “philosophical repositioning.” Cooper notes, “Management suggests control: control of process and control of environment.” Another GBS knowledge specialist, Luis Suarez, notes in the same article, « Command and control corporations are no longer going to be there. People need to be freed to share what they know. »

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  • The point in all this is that there is a new generation of potential employees and customers that are accustomed to a variety of technologies being available, and they expect to see and use them in the corporate world. Whether and how we deploy these technologies likely will have an impact on our ability to attract new talent to our companies and to find and retain customers. Here’s a sampling of these technologies:

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