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  • Nowadays, very few companies are worried about hosting mission critical applications outside of their own networks. Security is less of a concern, because companies are generally comfortable with Web security. And SLAs still exist, but they’re not the predominant issue. Most companies understand that web-based / hosted applications stay up fairly well, but nothing is perfect.

    But even with many of the biggest issues resolved over the last 10 years, companies are still not adopting Enterprise 2.0 at the pace you would expect. And many Enterprise 2.0 startups can’t get the traction they need.

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    • . Enterprise 2.0 startups have to be wary about overselling innovation and change, while at the same time not sacrificing the value they bring.

  • # Strategic Message Focus. Here conversation messages deal with strategic business issues. Examples of tactics include executive focused blogs, and establishment of networks or forums on topics such as succession planning, “baby boomer” brain drain, outsourcing, competition, innovation, and sustainability. If the software company’s own products are used in support of these efforts, so much the better
    # Business Message Focus. Here the conversation message deals with functional or departmental problems that are internally or externally focused. When tied to specific business problems or processes, the focus of conversations will frequently be related to revenue enhancement, efficiency, speed, agility, and cost. Industry and process credibility will be necessary for the software company that takes this route; conversation participants need to know that you know what you’re talking about.
    # I.T. Message Focus. This was discussed earlier in the context of media that allow conversations to take place between software developers and technical software users. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this particular use of social software to support software marketing is the democratizing impact that modern communications have on software development and support.

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