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  • Although many companies aspire to promote easy interaction and coordination across departments, office locations, and pay scales, the « boundaryless » organization€”like the paperless office€”hasn’t materialized.

    The corporate silo is alive and well.

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    • « We were surprised by how little interaction occurs across three major boundaries: the strategic business unit, the organizational function, and the geographic office location, » Stuart says.
    • In other words, people talk to the very same people they e-mail. As electronic collaboration technologies further develop, this may change. For now, e-mail interactions seem to reinforce human relations.
    • Our analysis indicates that two people who are in the same SBU, function, and office interact about 1,000 times more frequently than two people at the company who are in different business units, functions, and offices, but are otherwise similar. Practically speaking, this means that there is very little interaction across these boundaries.
    • We think this work will give insight into how individuals can plot the course for more successful careers and how firms can guide the career paths of their employees to create a better-connected social structure that will be better able to implement their strategies.
  • Then all the IT giants will be talking about how they solve business process problems more than deliver technology.

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  • The customer support and the proper implementation of social media tools around it have brought quite a lot of profit and success to the sales and marketing teams of many large and medium size companies globally. WordFrame sales and support team members are promoting the idea of having the support team as being inseparable part of the marketing and sales teams for several years now. One of the ways to do this (i.e. to have your support department actively participating in the sales process as well as in the business development strategy of your organization) is to equip it with the proper communication, social media and sales tools and €¦.Voila!

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  • Employers are starting to allow social media participation more freely in their organizations: The number of organizations that allow social networking for business purposes has increased dramatically to 69 percent in 2008 up from 37 percent last year.

    Employers are finding the benefits of using social media: 63 percent are using social media to build and promote their brand, 61 percent are using it to improve communication and collaboration, and 58 percent re using it to increase consumer engagement.

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Head of People and Operations @Emakina / Ex Directeur Consulting / Au croisement de l'humain, de la technologie et du business / Conférencier / Voyageur compulsif.
Head of People and Operations @Emakina / Ex Directeur Consulting / Au croisement de l'humain, de la technologie et du business / Conférencier / Voyageur compulsif.

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