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  • Any organization that designs a system (defined more broadly here than just information systems) will inevitably produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization’s communication structure.

    In other words, lets say you are designing a complex system — an auto manufacturing plant, a new financial market, a hospital, the World Health Organization, or a large software solution — the efficiency of the end result will always be limited by the efficiency of how the committee communicates

    tags: communication, organization, system, committee, innovation, flexibility, processes

  • if we replaced every employee tomorrow with a Gen Yer the average enterprise still would not be able to use Enterprise 2.0 to its full effect.”

    tags: generationy, enterprise2.0, management, collaboration, social, processes, customers, suppliers

    • How many managers are truly equipped to manage to social, collaborative workers? We’re not particularly good at managing to team goals today. How would the average enterprise incent and compensate workers in a truly social enterprise?
    • Without social processes even the most game employees will struggle taking full advantage of Enterprise 2.0, and retrofitting will take some time.
    • many firms are either not prepared to make use of those insights or do not have a ready supply of external folks ready or willing to help.
  • If an organisation is only focused on outcome-based accountability can it thrive in more active or random environments? It seems that most markets and socio-economic structures are becoming more chaotic – just try to predict the price of gas for next month. Re-framing the concept of accountability is an important conversation to start with HR professionals and executives.

    tags: accountability, organization, humanresources, learning

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