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  • In order to capture the enterprise markets, some of the vendors are shifting towards a Private SaaS approach.

    This brings into focus the very definition of Private SaaS itself. I would like to offer the following simple definition but it is bound to get many pundits worked up.

    tags: saas, privatesaas, cloudcomputing, privatecloud

  • Online work team environments do not and cannot have this level of complexity or work would not get done in the manner that those paying for it would like. The work may be complicated but there are rules, boundaries and processes. Work groups need managers who can direct activities in order to achieve goals. This type of work is collaborative.

    tags: workgroups, communities, processes, rules, collaboration, cooperation, complexity, networks, communitymanagement

  • Three Opportunities For Companies To Evolve Customer Support
    This isn’t just about rise of social tools, in fact, customers have had bad experiences before. The difference? Their voices were just limited to those they could tell in physical proximity. Rather than think of this as a threat, companies should see this as three distinct opportunities:

    tags: socialcrm, customersupport, customers, socialsupport

  • “Enterprise 2.0 is about applications where business value is determined through the contributions of participants.”

    tags: enterprise2.0, definition, businessvalue, contribution, participation

  • In my experience the word “social” has always presented problems in the enterprise. Management exposed to the philosophies of 2.0 thinking, aren’t keen to encourage socializing in the enterprise, but are very willing to improve working. I saw a similar post by Chris Yeh on this theme. Also, we had a good chat internally in the Council about the meme wars, and members expressed their frustration in a wholesale change to the labeling of the sector. It will cause practical disruption and well as introduce confusion at a time when many in the organization were just starting to “get it.”

    tags: enterprise2.0, socialization, work, adoption

  • tags: enterprise2.0, strategy, SWOT, projectmanagement

  • Though the theme of today’s meeting is “Is Social CRM for Real?”, I suspect that many of the people at today’s meeting will actually be thinking “What exactly is Social CRM and what does it mean to me?” Of course this question has been asked and answered in a number of blog posts by various members of the SCRM community, but the perspective of the IT department has been largely ignored. So in preparation for today’s meeting I thought I’d take a pass at trying to explain what Social CRM means from an IT department perspective.

    tags: socialcrm, IT, ITdepartment, reengineering, socialmedia, crm, customerengagement, enterprise2.0, customers, saas

    • From a business systems point of view, becoming a socially-driven business requires that you re-think and re-engineer your business systems and processes in order to take advantage of Web-based social tools, technologies, and concepts.
    • With Enterprise 2.0 tools the asset being leveraged is employees. With Social CRM the asset being leveraged is the customer.
    • For Social CRM that means the Web. Whether you call it SaaS, On Demand, vendor-managed appliances, or Cloud Computing, you should expect that the tools and technologies for enabling SCRM will be available exclusively on these deployment platforms
  • A nice updated slideshow of Adidas’ Christian Kuhna on their implementation approaches and lessons learned.

    tags: adidas, socialsoftware, enterprise2.0, communication, internalcommunication, casestudies, socialmedia, implementation

  • tags: socialmedia, governance, policy

  • In this installment of our Social CRM Blog Series, we’ll be turning from “Why” you should be looking at Social CRM to “How” you should think about it for your own organization. For that purpose, Helpstream developed a concept to help visualize this process€”we call the Social CRM Virtuous Cycle:

    tags: socialcrm, customers, customerservice, sales, marketing, leadgeneration, awareness

    • Listening is an essential skill for every business function, and Social CRM gives you an unprecedented opportunity to hear what’s being said€”both within your own customer community and throughout the broader Web through social monitoring tools
    • Getting the word out is always high on the marketing agenda€”Social CRM is a helpful vehicle for doing this. Word-of-mouth begins with your customers. It is important to make sure your marketing is delivering the right words to the right mouths;
    • Find a role for other Influencers and interested parties to play in your community. Invite them to join your conversations. Make sure you have discussions and content available that will appeal to those audiences. A proper social platform will give you all the tools you need to create a personalized experience that differs for customers, prospects, influencers and even competitors and naysayers€”now you can minimize the downside and maximize the upsides
    • Once you’ve got leads visiting your community, it’s time to look for opportunities to close. A properly configured Social CRM system and platform will have afforded you the ability to nurture the leads until they’re ready to be sold to.
    • Aside from awareness, sales benefits from the three “R”s that communities can readily offer:  references, referrals and repeat business.
  • Enterprise 2.0 (and Web 2.0 in general) is a great example of technology increasing the efficiency of the consumption of a resource. By being social we are creating more efficient and useful filters and information sharing capabilities. Whether it is expertise location on an internal social network or the ease with which we can share family photos, we have more efficient ways than ever to interact with large groups of people.

    tags: resources, attention, enterprise2.0, connections, socialnetworks, socialcomputing, socialnetworking

    • We need to stop designing tools and platforms which are simply meant to allow people to connect, share and collaborate more. In doing this we are being incredibly irresponsible with the resource we value most
    • It is only by creating more efficient ways for workers to do the job they are expected to do that we can create the space and time they need in order to create emergent outcomes.
  • Social IT leadership is leadership that is exercised through the organization’s internal social media (Enterprise 2.0) and used to spread visions, provide feedback, develop and communicate organizational culture, and motivate knowledge workers for knowledge sharing and to work together across organizational structures. The leadership has a social and relational character, and use social mechanisms to help in the execution.

    tags: IT, socialleadership, leadership, socialsoftware, behaviors

    • A Social IT leaders’ most important function will be to facilitate common knowledge created and open network among the employees. This implies a shift of the information’s power center, which previously has been within the management, to the employees. This will require a change of culture, for both the employees and the managers in an implementation phas
    • Knowledge on how to develop networks and engages to knowledge creation will be a key competence. Moreover, the leader must be conscious of own behavior on the sites. By using the platform the leader will be able to consciously exercise a leadership that encourages, engages, involves, and not least creates knowledge among the employees

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