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  • « Pegasystems’ SmartBPM uses social media as an interactive and real-time collaborative environment to aid the planning and execution of business improvement projects. By extending is existing tools for ad hoc collaboration, SmartBPM makes it even easier for project teams to connect, add user-generated content, vote, and rank items associated with any given project. By reaching out to customers and clients, SmartBPM now allows critical real-time customer feedback into the process improvement process. »

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  • « The prototype was featured at the SAP TechEd event in Phoenix this week, and one team at the Business Process Design Slam event have posted on their experience of using the tool, using it to automate business processes related to forming a virtual community-based power plant made up of resident’s personal solar wind generation. »

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  • « If you want to be proactive with regards to the Hyper-Social shift, you need to evaluate which part f your business would benefit the most from becoming social. In doing that exercise, you will quickly realize that you can reduce transaction costs and improve efficiency by making most business processes social.

    Scary? Yes. Inevitable? You bet!

    In trying to look at all aspects of your business and how it might be affected by hyper-sociality, we started the table below. If you get a chance, look it over and let us know what you think. Did we miss processes that would benefit from going social? Did we exaggerate the impact of hyper-sociality on others? »

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  • « This is why Social Business Design matters, allowing companies to:

    * Articulate the approach to creating a social business: “intentional creation of dynamic and socially calibrated systems, process, and culture.”
    * Utilize a mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive framework for analyzing the current state of business via four archetypes: ecosystem, hivemind, dynamic signal, and metafilter.
    * Outline how functions can apply social business principles within their areas of practice: customer participation, workforce collaboration, and business partner optimization. »

    tags: socialbusiness, socialbusinessdesign, process, culture, framework, socialcomputing

  • « The five attributes the authors identified as relevant for innovation are: associating (making connections across unrelated ideas or problems), questioning (especially focused on « what if » or « why not »), observation (especially observing behavior), experimentation (new experiences or exploration) and networking (especially with people from different industries or perspectives). Let’s assume these factors are correct – from my experience they appear to be. Then, let’s compare to what happens in many firms today. »

    tags: innovation, innovators, questioning, associating, connections, experimentation, networking, networks, socialnetworks, hr, teams

    • The point here is that most organizations actively work against many of the attributes that would define good innovators.

      So, if you are seeking to build an innovation team, or hire people with a greater proclivity for innovation, perhaps you should ask the following questions:

  • « Given the extreme popularity of our Social Media Strategy Framework, we decided to translate it into other languages. The translations have been serialized on my blog over the last couple of weeks, and here they are compiled into a single post. »

    tags: socialmedia, strategy, framework, governance, objectives, marketing, brand, conversations, engagement

    • SMSframework in French
  • « I’ve been doing HR communication for about 150 years. I’ve seen my share of good communication and more than enough bad communication to say I don’t want to see any more junk. I wrote down this list. It’s blunt. It’s the naked truth. « 

    tags: hr, communication, internalcommunication, hrcommunication

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