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  • « If the intelligence agencies want to get further gains from the site, they need to incorporate it into their own formal decision making process, he contended. Until that happens, the social networking aspect of Intellipedia is « just a marginal revolution, » he said. »

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  • « Failure has been around since the time two people first starting working and collaborating together, so it’s safe to assume that it’s going to be with us in 2010. Let’s spend a few moments thinking about and predicting the shape of failure in the coming year. »

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    • Next year, organizations will continue to buy heavy-duty backbone systems from major vendors, such as SAP and Oracle, and some percentage of those implementations will just not meet expectations.
    • Relationship failure arises when a cloud vendor does not follow through on service quality, pricing, or other commitments. Service availability fails when the the cloud vendor goes down, effectively locking the customer out from his or her own data.
    • Unfortunately, many enterprise buyers learn too late that deploying social computing successfully is easier said than done. These poor folks will implement blogs, wikis, and undertake a variety of other social computing initiatives, only to discover a sad truth: just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come.
    • During this coming year, many large companies will learn painful lessons about what happens when you stop paying attention to customers.
    • Social CRM can help companies develop greater responsiveness and a more intimate conversation with customers. Companies that recognize this and take active steps to foster genuine customer relationships will find success in 2010.
    • Successful relationships between an organization and its customers, or between two individuals, depend on the parties coming to tacit or explicit agreement around basic expectations for both process and results.
  • In this environment, companies need to evolve into what I call an Aligned Enterprise which I’ve defined as:

    An organization that acts cohesively and embraces change in its environment

    tags: alignment, alignedenterprise, leadership, design, engagement, responsiveness, adaptability, customers

      • Purposeful leadership. Establishing and maintaining a clear and compelling vision for where the organization is heading and why it’s going in that direction.
      • Adaptive design. Infusing the realities of the marketplace (customers, suppliers, technology change, etc.) into the creation and evolution of products, services, and processes.
      • Customer-responsiveness. Increasing the magnitude and speed with which an organization learns from, and responds to, customer feedback.
      • Employee engagement. Building strong commitment from employees through alignment of hiring, on-boarding, training, coaching, communications, and incentive programs.
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