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  • « I recently presented on Social CRM at the New Communications Forum in San Mateo and wanted to share my presentation with you. The goal of the presentation was to present multiple ideas and concepts while really trying to get people to think beyond social tools and tactics. I wanted to really push people to think and advance the SCRM discussion. You can see the presentation embedded below. If you find it valuable and interesting then please share it. »

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  • «  »Onboarding isn’t just an HR exercise, it’s a business imperative, » says Justin Bourke, research associate with Aberdeen and co-author of the report, noting that the initial experiences of new employees have a direct impact on the productivity and profitability of an organization, which makes it an opportunity for technology to wow them over. « 

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    • And social networking was the reason why I couldn’t wait to finish my thesis and join IBM, because I’d been engaged and energized by the stories of other people throughout the organization. »
    • also suggests a buddy system, where an assigned network buddy can reach out through the social network to help the new hire learn what to expect, creating a more comfortable, less intimidating experience.
    • Rather than abandon highly motivated new hires to orientations, hard to navigate intranets, and stacks of dusty manuals, successful organizations help new hires build a strong network of relationships with colleagues who can help transform them into star performers
  • « Business Partner Optimization is a re-thinking of the external non-customer relationships that your organization requires to get business done. »

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  • « Some refer to this position as a Chief Social Media Officer. I don’t think the social business evangelist necessarily needs a specific title, but I do believe the person to shepherd social business possesses five characteristics.

    * Passion for the business
    * Appreciation for the organization’s cultural heritage
    * Limitless determination and stamina
    * Ability to influence
    * Skills to maneuver the political landscape »

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  • « Social CRM is the business strategy of engaging customers through Social Media with goal of building trust and brand loyalty. Loyalty is defined as attitude towards a brand that inclines a customer to repurchase it and/or recommend it to others »

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  • « Within a few weeks my parents were contacted by a ‘special agent’ and magically the roof was replaced soon thereafter. Not trying to be big-man-on-campus by flexing my Twitter muscle, just pointing out how things have changed..whether you have 7, 7000, or 7 million followers is beside the point. Companies now are listening. They have to. And it’s about time. »

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    • “These are not PR people, they are real customer care managers who spend their days helping people via social media,
  • « In my travels from organization to organization, I talk with thousands of people every year who want to be treated as « partners » rather than as employees. They want information to flow up as well as down. But, oftentimes, leaders do not want to give up control. « 

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    • Your employees understand their jobs. They know their tasks, roles, and functions within the organization, and it’s time for you to let them do what they need to do to get the job done. But there is a critical point that is often missed: It isn’t possible for a leader to « empower » someone to be accountable and make good decisions. People have to empower themselves.

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