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  • « The report goes on to highlight that often the problem with social business isn’t in making a difference, it’s in that positive impact actually being measured. If you can begin to measure the metrics that really matter however, not only can you prove ROI, but you can also gain an understanding for what’s working, and importantly, what isn’t. »

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    • Profound changes are underway. The current technologies support standard business processes but fail to support the dynamic informal communications needed for resolving exceptions. Employees need tools that enable them to navigate organizational boundaries, connect to the right people and accelerate exception resolution.
    • Focusing on adoption is a dead-end strategy. Adoption metrics have not historically addressed what matters most to employees, managers or executives. As long as adoption is the primary measure of success, resistance, at all levels, will likely block successful social software deployment.
    • Companies must be decisive. Too often, companies implement social software without clear business objectives or a strategy for moving the needle on organizational performance. These efforts typically fail. Our focused approach helps executives select the exception-handling opportunities that can have the greatest impact on operating and financial metrics.

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