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    • On one hand we see reports about the massive dearth of data scientist (Source: McKinsey’s Big Data report), on the other hand, the work they are doing is hardly being leveraged. Why?
    • When analytics is done right, “The Blue Track”, €“ the process of getting insights from the data needs to happen in parallel with “the Green Track” €“ the process that drives decision-making and impact in the organization.
    • As long as both green track and blue track process is followed, data will lend itself to decisions €“ call it data science or call it analytics.
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    IDC has released its Worldwide Enterprise Social Software 2012 Vendor Analysis. I received a copy thanks to Igloo Software. Companies covered included: BlueKiwi Inc, Cisco Systems, Inc.,, IBM, IGLOO Inc., Jive Software, Moxie Software, Inc., Mzinga Inc, NewsGator Technologies Inc, Oracle Corporation,, Inc., SAP AG, Socialcast, Inc., Socialtext Inc., Telligent Systems Inc., tibbr, VMware, Inc., Yammer, Inc. The reports evaluates and compares these vendors. In the post I will look at the cross industry movements that IDC offers. »

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    • IDC concludes that the “increasing sophistication of use cases demonstrates that the market for enterprise social software is maturing quickly
    • Application integration is becoming an increasing success factor.
    • As social tools mature beyond initial marketing applications, use cases have grown into such areas as customer experience, sales enablement, digital commerce, socialytics, innovation management, and enterprise social networks.
    • While there are standalone solutions, many vendors have moved to more open and connected offerings through the use of APIs.

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