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  • « GE has bet big on the Industrial Internet — the convergence of industrial machines, data, and the Internet. The company is putting sensors on gas turbines, jet engines, and other machines; connecting them to the cloud; and analyzing the resulting flow of data. The goal: identify ways to improve machine productivity and reliability. »

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    • The campaign was designed to recruit Millennials to join GE as Industrial Internet developers and remind them — using GE’s new watchwords, “The digital company. That’s also an industrial company.” — of GE’s massive digital transformation effort.
    • While many software companies like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft have traditionally been focused on providing technology for the back office, GE is leading the development of a new breed of operational technology (OT) that literally sits on top of industrial machinery.
    • the holy grail for oil and gas is minimizing “unplanned downtime”
    • They have got to figure out how to drive productivity in their existing assets,” she says, “especially now that they are facing declining revenues from lower energy prices.
  • « When Oxford Economics recently launched a program on the future of procurement, our surveys showed us that procurement is becoming more strategic, more collaborative, and more technology-dependent than ever before. The function is changing, fast. »

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    • . Leadership must evangelize procurement’s role as a strategic partner across the business, communicate clearly to employees their role in shaping that promising future, and work across the organization to ensure the right mix of skills is being developed.
    • ore strategic work means more collaboration – between procurement organizations and other functions within their own companies, and with external partners and suppliers.

      The day-to-day operations of procurement must change to handle new partnerships with suppliers, increases in services purchasing, management of accounts payable, and the growing use of contingent workers, among other jobs. Employees are under pressure to adapt to new processes and tools and work on more strategic projects – all while finding the time to continue executing on their traditional tasks.

    • These new tools are essential to procurement’s progress, but won’t provide much value if the practitioners who use them most lack the proper training to stay up-to-date on their tech skill
  • « By now, nearly every executive has navigated at least one discussion about whether his or her organization should strive to become a platform. Platform models are often lauded as the path to the next disrupted industry. Leaders struggling with how to respond to platform pressures should consider a more strategic response than yes or no. »

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    • Which relationships enable business success?
    • Which bigger-than-business goals do you hold in common with the network?
    • How can you increase trust between your organization and the network?

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