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  • « Designing HR to better support these “moments that matter” will require a shift in our thinking from programs, processes, and policies to the design of experiences that delight and engage. A traditional process-based approach focuses on how HR delivers with efficiency and effectiveness from process to process. Yet customers of HR increasingly expect the kind of customer-centric experience encountered in daily lives as consumers of products and services, heavily shaped by personalized interests and needs. »

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    • HR customer personas


      To frame the context for a particular experience, we need to identify the relevant HR customer personas and prioritize the investment in experiences in a way that considers their respective impacts on the business.

    • Moments that matter


      Once we have defined and prioritized personas for further investigation, we can observe and identify the key moments that matter for each. Considering moments that matter through the eyes of the HR customer begins to shift the focus from a purely process-based mindset to a customer-centric approach geared toward increasing engagement, satisfaction—and, productivity.

    • HR customer journey maps


      We understand our customers when we take a journey in their shoes. Creating journey maps involves depicting the sentiment, or attitude, felt by customers as they experience the moments that matter, and envisioning the desired outcome.

  • « Consequently, it is useful to think about investments in digital as essentially investments in change. It includes changes in how an organization interacts with its customers, citizens, or patients; in operational processes; in business models; in supply chain relationships; and in how employees use information to generate insight. »

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    • One tool that I have used to great effect to improve the likelihood of a successful result from digital investments is the benefits dependency network (BDN). This tool seeks to get managers to identify and map all the changes that they will be required to make if expected benefits and outcomes are going to be delivered. It also illustrates very clearly how this change will be enabled and shaped by digital technologies. The resultant network shows how each of the expected benefits will be delivered through a combination of technology and business changes and how these are related to each other.

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