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  • « In the framework I created below I’ve unpacked each ring. Customer experience is not easy at any company. But it’s worth it! Spend some time thinking of how you can make yours better and you will reap the many benefits of a high functioning culture with a happy customer base. »

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  • « Today, forward-looking companies are well aware that top talent is looking for more than a job with benefits. While some companies create experiences central to the “place of work,” such as access to gym facilities, free massages, and gourmet food, Airbnb is building what I call the “workplace as an experience™.” The essence of the “workplace as an experience” is where all the elements of work—the physical, the emotional, the intellectual, the virtual, and the aspirational—are carefully orchestrated to inspire employees. »

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    • “At Airbnb we are focused on bringing to life our mission of creating a world where you can #belonganywhere, by creating memorable workplace experiences which span all aspects of how we relate to employees, including how we recruit them, develop them, the work environment we create with them, the type of volunteer experiences we offer them, and the food we share together
    • This expanded scope of responsibilities includes such functions as facilities, food, global citizenship, and a secret sauce of creative individuals in most offices called ground control, who focus on bringing the Airbnb culture to life through workplace environments, internal communications, as well as employee events, celebration, and recognition.
    • As Joe Gebbia, Co-Founder of Airbnb, says, “Everything at Airbnb is a continuation of what it’s like to be a guest in somebody’s hous
    • The role of Chief Employee Experience Officer combines traditional human resource functions of recruiting and talent development with marketing, real estate, facilities, social responsibility, and communications
    • Are we still functioning in a Human Resources silo? How can we broaden our vision and begin to partner with other functional groups
    • How can we use the tools we use for our customer experience such as: ongoing research into needs and perceptions, design thinking, and a marketing  mindset to re-invent the Human Resource function?
    • How do we create and embrace an iterative development model so new Human Resource services are co-created with employees

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