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    Transformation is in our DNA and in true form the HR team is spear-heading game-changing initiatives that are making measurable impact. They are focusing on creating an agile culture, adapting to employees needs for legendary experiences and enabling the workforce and leaders to place people and growth first so we all succeed. »

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        • Co-creating a new culture – the HR team used social engagement to crowd source a brand new performance management system. There were over 20,000 employees involved and all was completed in 3 months. A huge success!

        • Personalized employee learning experiences – learning is mobile, curated and engaging. The coolest thing about this approach is that every learner gets recommendations that are based on the person’s job role, business group, skill set and personal learning history.



        • Employee services – the Cognitive Human Interface Personality (CHIP)–powered by Watson—is a tool for HR in onboarding new employees. The idea is to give the new hires the app so they can get their typical questions answered immediately. This is in development and the future looks great as a first of a kind tool to acclimate new people quickly and easily.



        • HR Advisory support for managers – this is a “Fitbit-like tracker” app that helps managers be better managers. They get recommendations on their employees that can help with career progression, compensation questions and a whole lot more.



        • HR Decision support for candidates – now we focus attention on nurturing candidates and future employees. The “Find Your Fit” tool is impressive in how it engages potential new hires looking for job opportunities. Even if an opportunity doesn’t directly match the candidate, it serves up suggested career options for them to consider.

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