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  • « How can design thinking become a tool for the individual to design an optimal, living & breathing, people-centric blueprint of an organization? »

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    • The emerging field of design thinking may hold some promise to combat this challenge. Design thinking involves both process and mindset dimensions, and involves:


      a) Eclectic cross-functional teams building an outside in view of a user’s situation through creating simple and usable insights. 


      b) Using an iterative process of insighting, ideation and prototyping to arrive at solutions quickly. In design thinking terms, this is ‘fail fast to succeed early’. 

    • The mission of the HR leader is evolving from that of “chief talent executive” to “chief employee experience officer
  • « Toyota regroupe tous ses nouveaux services de mobilité dans une plate-forme dédiée. Le constructeur développe des nouveautés matérielles et logicielles pour faciliter le partage de ses véhicules, comme la « smart key box ». « 

    tags: casestudies toyota mobile services car connectedcar

    • Sa division Connectivité, basée aux Etats-Unis, construit une plate-forme unique sur laquelle reposeront les futurs services de mobilité de la marque. Celle-ci sera ouverte aux partenaires extérieurs via une politique d’API (interfaces de programmation) et reposera aussi sur des synergies en interne, notamment avec le Toyota Smart Center et le Toyota Big Data Center.
  • « Popular media has reached a millennial think piece saturation point. Well-meaning and often well-credentialed business leaders, organizational psychologists, and other experts have devoted ample time to parsing the generational differences and personality characteristics that supposedly set younger generations apart from their elders. Unfortunately, most of that is bogus. »

    tags: generationz millenials humanresources

    • Regrettably, though, most observations you’ll find on his subject are based on intuition or extrapolation rather than valid data.
    • 1. The Fundamentals Of Human Behavior Don’t Change
    • 2. Individual Differences Trump Group Differences
    • 3. There’s Nothing We Can Do About Generational Differences Anyway
  • « Si vous souhaitez attirer des talents, vous devrez les convaincre que travailler chez vous est un véritable bonheur et que les postes que vous proposez correspondent parfaitement à leurs attentes. Comment y parvenir ? Comment attirer les talents avec une stratégie de contenu efficace ?

    Il ne s’agit évidemment pas de vous contenter d’une simple description de poste. Il vous faudra produire du contenu de qualité et inclure sa diffusion dans une démarche bien comprise d’Inbound Recruiting, c’est-à-dire de l’Inbound Marketing appliqué au recrutement. »

    tags: humanresources content inboundmarketing hrmarketing

    • Cette étape importante s’appelle la création des Candidate Personas, l’équivalent des Buyer Personas en Inbound Marketing.
  • « What’s in store for the future of work in 2017? You are about to find it out from leading experts in the field. See if you agree with what they have to say. « 

    tags: humanresources futureofwork

    • We’re going to see how a company’s perceived lack of commitment to functioning across platforms starts to be a dealbreaker in terms of talent retention.
    • In companies who are slow to adapting, over half of employees surveyed would make an exit strategy for themselves in less than three years.
    • In 2017, thinking about future of work tools, we will see the first chat interfaces, chatbots and smart agents being used to help people find what they need and also to nudge them towards things they might otherwise miss.
    • 2017 looks set to be an important year for digital strategy in firms, which will shift away from a single centralised approach “owned” by IT or CIO functions and instead operate in a more decentralised way.
    • 2017 will also be the year of the change agent, rather than the programme manager, in terms of how digital networks develop and operate
    • 1. Organizations will begin to more proactively assess the impact of new workplace technologies on employee engagement.
    • 2. Gig economy digital platforms will mature to address the shortfalls that have slowed their adoption.
    • 3. Enterprise chat/messaging, cognitive collaboration, and conversational UXs (intelligent chatbots) will dominate the digital workplace industry conversation.
    • 4. The maturity of social business, realized through strategic large-scale collaboration platforms like enterprise social networks, will continue apace.
    • 5. The resurgence of enterprise app integration will lead to a focus on more holistic and digital
    • 6. The one umbrella vendor model for digital workplace will compete with more agnostic digital workplace hubs fiercely.
    • 7. Large organizations will continue the trend towards becoming smaller, more networked organizations.
    • 8. A focus on building a new workplace culture to match digital possibilities will continue.

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