Fired because of her blog: a french “premiere”

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baillonJust when the big question was “is it good for companies to blog?”, “are employees’ blogs a good or a bad thing?” the french blogosphere woke up with a big headhache when we learned that the nice “petite anglaise” got fired beacause of things she wrote on her blog aboute her employer.

“Petite Anglaise” is an english secretary who works for an english company in Paris. Her blog wasn’t a “professional blog” put an intimate and personal one. And the only (few) post where she talked about her job where without mentionning anything about her identity or the companie’s name. She blogged about one or two things she experienced at work not to talk about her job but considering job as a part of her life.

The line was crossed the day a picture of her was published so people could identify her as the secretary of…I don’t think one client would ever have identified her, but her manager did.

I’m not sure this will bring anything on the debate about corporate and employee’s blogs. Just because she was only making fun of the way his senior speaks or about what he wears…so the matter is more personal than professional. Nothing about the company itself, nothing about competence, nothing about work…if she hadn’t been fired nobody would have known what she was talking about. Now everybody knows the name of the company.

So we’re note talking about pro and cons an employee’s blog but about a mistake on an intimate blog. That makes quite a difference and I hope this case won’t give arguments to the “anti-blog”.

Last thing is that we don’t know the internal context: perharps this “blog case” is the official reason put forward and that there are other things about her and her word we still don’t know.

As a conclusion I find the sanction too big for a single post where she made a little fun about a unknown man in an unidentified company, talking only about clothes, accent and old school behaviors. But what is sure is that it’s not unlawful not to have the sense of humor and self-derision. Because the point is a guy recognized himself in the post. It has nothing to do with the company image…until she published her photo. Big consequences for a small mistake.

But not much to learn about corporate and employee’s blogs.

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