Best Practices in Corporate Intranets

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intranetThat’s the title of an Avenue A/Razorfish report (you can dowload it here for free) I found more than interesting. There’s so much to say about this report that I will only focus on one two things I’m directly concerned with due to my activity, even if I may come back on the report later and analyze more deeply such or such part of it.

First thing I found interesting is the concept of Intranet Maturity Framewor that helps classify intranets in a few categories, the step from one category to another depending on maturation of tools and needs in the company. I found this model very clear in the perspective of an anlysis based on a “where are we, where do we want to to go, are we ready for that, what to we need to go the next step” reflexion.

I also agree with the part concerning collaborative intranets. I think that web 2.0 tools (or social web tools) will bring them to a real reborn, making them a place for people, information sharing and, so doing, a place for also managing the human side of the company (for example see what I wrote there).

I really liked the way the report gives not only best practices but helps to guide in an intranet problematic with such questions as:

– were are we

– what’s our maturity

– what’s the next step

– are we ready

– what to we need to make next step a success

There’s a lot to say about this report and, since I’m on vacation, I only had a quick look at it and will come back later on the report to see more details about such or such thing.

For french reading people, I wrote a little more about it here…enjoy!

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