Blogs as a self development tool


images.jpegSome people say that blogging is a kind of therapy for them…for most of the it helped them fighting againts shyness since they can express their ideas and expose themselves to public opinion. If their posts meet success they are strenghtened and then they dare more and more…

I was asking myself if, for example, blog based intranets could have the same effect and could improve self-development in an organization. Listening to others, collaborating, daring, asserting oneself in a group, being closer to employees, showing the human side of a manager….those problematics are very important in companies today and, as web 2.0 tools are deeply human driven I think  such intranets, in addition to facilitating communication, discussion, KM and collective intelligence could help HR in their self-development projects.

For example I’m convinced that blogging could be a first step to improve self-confidence, to dare to speak and share one’s ideas.

I think I’ll have to digg deeper this subject…perharps we have here another  significant contribution of intranets 2.0 as real people-centric tools.