About management 2.0 (1): the genesis

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conseilYou must have seen (and you’ll se) I often write about “management 2.0”. You should wonder what I’m talking about. My french readers have been following my reflection for more than one year now but since I’ve new readers (in both languages) who were not here at the beginning I think it’s a good thing to make a point on this subject.

Moreover “management 2.0” has been an ongoing reflexion so I never really formalized it. I think this “back to school” time is the right moment to do it. So I’ll take a few post to tell the story from the beginning in ordre to give the bases, to make you know where it comes from and what’s inside, and to make you able to talk about it on this blog to improve everyone’s reflection.

It all began a little bit more than one year ago. As an HR and management consultant I had to deal with problematics such as “how to embetter our team work”, “how to share a common vision”, “how to self develop oneself”, “how to share knowledge”…

At the same time I started a blog and realized that what I was doing with unknown people globally matched companies’ expectations: co-building, information sharing, network building, profiles’ identification, giving sens to a self-built community. My first conclusion was that web 2.0 values and practices should be good in an organization. But how to bring them into a company?? At this time I was not thinking about technology or tools…juste values and practices.

I had the feeling there was another way to the same thing I was doing. But how? Web 2.0 practices were what companies expected and the realty was it was very hard to make them adopted. In fact there was nothing new: thoses practices have been needed for decades and the need was still remaining. So what?

Perharps there’s someting wrong? Perharps we missed something. We were trying to make things with decades old methods without taking in account that, even if the need is still the same, its implications, the context, the organization the people have changed. And what worked in the 60s doesn’t work anymore.

At first sight web 2.0 practices and what consulting companies tried to bring into organization were the same…at second sight I realized there were a lot of differences. So I decided to focus my reflection on this point: forget the problematic and try to understant what it implies, what are the hidden needs. I couldn’t understand self built and organized communities could reach such a level of identity and knowledge sharing and collective work that a company can’t.

At this point it was not a concept, just a reflection, a project. I was not sure something would go out of that, I didn’t know where it will take me, or what I will put in it. But I found it very challenging and I tried. A project needs a name: I called it Management 2.0 for the reasons you can imagine.

That was the starting of “my” management 2.0 genesis. In a nex post, as I reconsidered all from scratch, we’ll talk about the basic premises.

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