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When Mac Manus glances at french 2.0

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A post I enjoyed by Richard Mac Manus, one of the web 2.0 references. On his virtual tour of the state of web 2.0 projects in France, he mentionned two companies I’m very close to (moovement and bluekiwi) as I work for the first on projects based on blueKiwi’s solution.

As I noticed his interrogations about blueKiwi (“an intranet?” as he wrote) I can confirm it’s a blog based collaborative driven intranet 2.0 (… 😉 ) that brings web 2.0 inside your organization. As it’s fully flexible and people centric you can use it to support every social practice you want your organization to adopt. An intranet 2.0 so…perharps the only intranet I’ve ever seen that desserves the 2.0 label! I hope for Richard that Carlos Diaz, blueKiwi’s CEO will soon launch an english blog as I often ask him.

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