Management 2.0 (3): (potential) Definition


management20Let’s try to build a defintion, starting from that and that. It’s a kind of “definition in progress” so your feedback is very welcome. So how to define the management 2.0 concept?

” Implementation of managerial practices favorising the emission of any kind of information or knowledge by any king of actot to any kind of recipient, implementation of collaborative practices, the whole being dedicated to build a collective intelligence and practices supported by all the staff’s potentals, taken individually in purpose to gather them in an intelligent entity of wich they are actors without being merged in it.
Those practices adoption supposes to implement an information system that would be people-centric enough to support them. This IS would be as well consequency and support of these practices.

The key factor of success of these both side of the approach is to work as well on people (management practices and individual behaviors) and on the IS which flexibily would allow him to fully support humain behaviors and adapt itself to the organization challenges”.

Hum…very “heavy but I think everything’s in. And above all, what’s the big stake: working on people and systems together and make the IS (mainly the intranet) become people-centric.

Any questions? Something to add? Think you can improve it?…I’m waiting for your comments.