Managing your e-dentity


Three tools to manage your e-dentity, that’s to say what people will see on the web when searching your name.

claimid: it allows you to bookmark, tag and organize what you publish and what’s told about. I would have liked an auto-bookmark function for the blogs I solely author and only make it manually when I publish on a multi-author blog. Example: my claimid

ziki: it allows you to aggregate feeds from everywhere you publish, making it available from a one and only place. I’d also liked to have to ability to boomark isolated posts and not only the whole feed on sites where I’m not the only author. Example: my ziki.

Another thing, ziki bought many of it user’s names in order to display an ad on google taking directly to their ziki.

naymz: it’s…a ziki light. It does not aggregate feeds but shows a global page where you can put links to whatever you want, such as blogs, bookmarks, linkedin profile…. As ziki it displays ads on search engines. Example: my profile on naymz.

Usefull social networking tools…