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Moving to enterprise 2.0 is nothing but anticipation

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intranetThere are many brakes that prevent you moving to enterpise 2.0. “Wer’e not ready”, “people don’t need it”, “it’s good for others but not for us”. My vision is different as I think you’d better change now rather than being forced to change later. Forced by whom? By strategic and organizational need, an by your new recruits for example.

As I often say to managers, there’s a generation that will soon come to the market that’s used to collaborative tools, information sharing, teamworking…they will ask to have had work the tools they use to communicate and collaborate in their everyday life.

Remember in the 90s…a lot of companies adopted emails and made corporate websites because their employees were used to using those tools at home.

Two other things to notice:

“Where the Internet goes the Intranet will surely follow…”

I like this sentence because it really describes how IT tools are adopted. People can’t understand that their working tools are less efficient than those they use at home. Once people validated the efficiency of such or such tools, they want to have it in their job.

“They are the future and they’re coming soon to a workplace near you”

That’s the title of an interesting article in the Financial Times. It shows us how the next generation will challenge the way of doing things in our companies. This generation, fed by video games and internet don’t have to be taught about collaboration, information sharing…they already know it. And they also have their own vision on management and organization. They could help organizations moving to enterprise 2.0 because they already have the needed values. As you know things must change, don’t make them adopt old methods but make them the pilar of the new practices you want to spread in your organization.

What’s their vision of work?

  • you have to react making decisions quickly, taking in account always changing elements.
  • visible feedbacks and awards needed
  • loosing is nothing, you can try as many times as necessary
  • learning is an informal process that’s made between friends
  • success is measured by completing tasks, not by being present for a defined amount of hours

Nice vision isn’t it? To take as much benefit as possible of those people you have to adapt your organization before they come and let them be facilitators of the change in progress.

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