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What emails can’t do, and how much they cost

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emailHow many emails a day do you receive? And how long does it takes to read it all? 2 hours? How many of them are useful ? 50% ? Considering every people in your company have to face the same situation try to calculate according to the hourly salary how much does it cost in wasted time.

Amazing, isn’t it.

The main problem with emails is that you’re not sure the right information is delevered to the right person.If I have something to say to a defined person and I’m sure no one would be interested in, I can mail.

But what if I have an information that’s not usefull for me but may certainly be valuable for someone else? The kind of infomation that may be used very quickly because the opportunities won’t last a long time.

If I refer to my hierarchy, the time it will take to “climb” the stairs and then to be validated and given to everyone it will be to late.

If I mail it to “all employees” it will be non productive and nearly a spam.

If I had the opportunity to publish a non intrusive way in a system that notifies only people who are interested in (and only them) that would be quite efficient.

In a lot of cases I think, for everybody’s good, a publishing platform with a smart alert system would be more adapted.

Like an internal blog with RSS alerts on keywords? Why not…

With such a platform you can publish as easily as an email, you don’t bother people that’s not interested in, and information is available for everyone who needs it even if you don’t know them.

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