Is spiral notebook the new collaboration killer app ?

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spiral notebookThis could have been a joke but it isn’t. It’s just the retranscription of a talk I had with a friend yesterday at lunch.

– We have a reporting tool in which we have to mention everything we do, in order to keep a trace of everything we do…you see ?

– Yes…

– We have two problems. The first is that it takes a lot of time to report even something very short. The second is that all the people who have to report don’t have access to the reporting tool.

– And how do you do so?

– People who don’t have access ask people who have to report for them. So I spend hours typing other’s people reports.

– How productive !

– Don’t laugh !  But I found a very usefull tool

– ???

– Yes ! A new kind of service I found at the staff store ! A spiral notebook with a ruler, a red and a black pen ! So I keep everything consigned in, it’s easy to update and I feed the reporting system at the end of the day…when I have time.

– And what about putting something like a blog or a wiki somewhere on your intranet ?

– But we already have, even if IT doesn’t know ! We have a questions / answer software and colleagues realized that if we change two or three lines in the code, we have something really that’s really close to a blog. And it’s more efficient than many of the tools we have.

Any comment ?

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