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Economy changes…companies have to change too

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intranetA few days ago I wrote a note about a McKinsey report saying how success will depend on interactions for companies tomorrow. In the same tendency I have to mention the report on the immaterial economy recently published by the french minister of economy.

I think it’s a very important subject and I’m convinced enterprises will have to improve their internal models because their surrounding is moving. But it supposes to be conscious of what is the new context they have to face and everything that makes them aware of that is very welcome.

So economy is evolving, production and employee’s profiles too, and we won’t run a company in 2010 the way we did in the 90’s with a post industrial management legacy.
What does the report says ?

• Growth depends less on factories than on imagination

• We are facing an economy that doesn’t have physical foundation but that considers intelectual abilities, knowledge, imagination, innovation and research as key in value creation.
• In the next 10 years, the most outstanging economies will be those which will be able to run networked in an relationship based economy.

• Human capital will be preponderant, the report even suggest to give it an accounting value.

Nice to see such a report coming from our old state department. But we can’t agree with it and still keep on making knowledgeworkers work as workers in the 60’s and being afraid of giving them autonomy.

Things will have to change…and it smells like enterprise 2.0.

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