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Thoughts and guidelines

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ideaHow to make people understand they have to move their organization ? That enterprise 2.0 is not fashionable but suitable ? And how to convince those who only believe in information technology that putting 2.0 tools in an organization is not the starting point but the consequence of a change in global strategy and organization.

First, enterprises have to reconsider the way they make people work together ( and the way they work…full stop), the way they consider relationship between indivuduals and organization. Then the new borned organizational process has to be virtualized to take into account the XXIth century enterprise characteristics. That’s why we have have to explore the other side of the intranet, the one which is dedicated to people, not to process anymore. I’m not saying we have to throw our “old intranets” away : they do what they are supposed to do. But they fail to do things they we’re not built for…so we have to find a place for those new “social things”. We don’t talk about replacement but complementarity.

So these are my posts guidelines for the upcoming weeks :

  1. Enterprises are entering straight into the knowledge economy era.
  2. This brings many changes in its environment, its structure, its organization, its stakes, its human capital.
  3. In this context the human capital is strategic for two reasons : it must be improved to answer new stahes. But, in order to take full benefits from it, organization have to reinvent themselves, to reconsider the way they work and people are managed.
  4. Most of brakes are due to inaccurate KPIs and assumptions that have no reason to exist anymore but that still last because of inertia.
  5. The organization’s stucture itself implies that those new fundation count of intranet tools in order new uses and dynamics go threw the office’s wall to spread in a whole splitted organization. Intranets must not be only a place for process as they used to be but also a place for people and synergy.

Does it inspires you something ?

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