Keys for enterprise 2.0 adoption


I didn’t mention enterprise 2.0 a lot on this blog. I discovered enterprise 2.0 while thinking about management 2.0. Enterprise 2.0 is a global vision, management 2.0 is its consequence in management and HR. But I realized that to make people understant how management 2.0 may be implemented, they need a more strategic approach, that’s to say enterprise 2.0.

I read a lof of very interesting blogs about enterprise 2.0 (I regret all are from english people, since I consider french people need to be taught about that) and, on some of them, I followed a very interesting discussion within enterprise 2.0 specialists, about key points to favor the adoption of enterprise 2.0

I bookmarked some of them I specially enjoyed and enjoin you to read them (please see my bookmarks here and here).

My prefered is :

“Prioritize the organizational over the technological: Much of what seems to be at the core of Enterprise 2.0 is people-related. The organizational issues are far more important to deal with than the tools. Throwing blogs, wikis at employees does not make them more engaged if you have just had a reduction in force, are reducing benefits, have a command-control management style, are outsourcing large parts of the company and/or have little in the way of development programs or career paths and such. Dealing with leadership, communication, governance and other aspects of community-building are essential components that compliment any need for new technologies.” (taken from this post on “Collaborative Thinking”

I like this king of lucidity. Enterprise 2.0 is not an enterprise whith blog and wikis, it has noting to do with any king of software solution. It’s an enterprise who has a clear consciousness of the present and a clear vision of how to do to take benefits off the big changes in its context to increase its performance by building an organisational ans human model that allows their people to give the best of themselves. And at this time, and at this time only, tools will be the logic consequence of such a strategy