How to make your enterprise 2.0

Dreaming about enterprise 2.0 is nice…making it happen is better. This subject was at the center of a lot of discussions last week since Euan Semple suggested what he though being the three best ways to do enterprise 2.0.

His note provoked a lot of reactions, discussions. Some from highly qualified enterprise 2.0 specialists thinking it was an objective view of the situation, some from other people thinking such a position is untenable when talking to executives.

Thinking both detained a part of the truth I finally had more questions than answers !

First, what do we mean by “switching to enterprise 2.0” ?

I think this question is unavoidable. If we just mean adopting web 2.0 tools I totally agrea with him. Just let things happen. As an enterprise can’t allow new tools in without any plan, their introduction must take place on the fringe of the organization.
Because what characterize 2.0 tools adoption is not the tool by itself but the way people use it. We’re not talking about installing another browser thant the “official IT certified one” but about changing the way people interact the ones with the others.

Such a change can only happen without (or against) the organization, which implies limited effects. “2.0 adopters” will behave in their group in a totally different way than they do with the rest of the company. We can wait till it spreads all over the organisation..but it may take a long long time.

2.0 tools adoption will only happen without or against the organization ?

Yes. Unless… Unless the organization decides by itself that it needs to explore new ways in interaction, in connection between people. And the only way to make those new practices become effective is to make them effective at the only place all the people in the company can meet : the intranet.

At this time, tools would support a corporate strategy and will find their justification in the very needs of the company.

That would be to say : strategy 2.0 implies ==> Management 2.0, Tools 2.0, marketing 2.0, recruitment 2.0, HR 2.0…. in order to build ===> enterprise 2.0

Limiting enterprise 2.0 to tools is like playing outside the organization’s strategic range. This is too dangerous for a classical enterprise 1.0 which may consider enterprise 2.0 as a danger instead of an opportunity.

Playing the 2.0 game in partnership with the organization allows to motivate the whole company. We must keep in mind that the people accept change highly depends on incentive, on the benefits they’ll take frome the change. And the incentive, could it be moral or financiel, can only come from the organization. The enterprise 2.0 project must be a corporate project.

If not, the organization will come to a logic of obstruction which will make no winner. (Also readNitin Karandikar).

We can (and must) make enterprise 2.0 in the enterprise and with the enterprise. The only question is to kwow what we put in the concept.

Head of Employee and Client Experience @Emakina / Former consulting director / Crossroads of people, business and technology / Speaker / Compulsive traveler
Head of Employee and Client Experience @Emakina / Former consulting director / Crossroads of people, business and technology / Speaker / Compulsive traveler

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