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A McKinsey survey about web 2.0 in business

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image-4.pngIt’s definetively the hot topic of the moment. One more survey about web 2.0 in business. It’s from McKinsey and it’s freely available here (just have to register). It’s rather short and I let you discover what it says. There’s only one point I’d like to focus on.

The surveys shows that enterprises who invested in web 2.0 tools are satisfied by the ROI they get. But it also highlights that early adopters are much more satisfied than late adopters…satisfaction increasing with time.

Something like the long tail…

According to me it’s only one more proof that tools aren’t everything and that they take place in a specific human and organisational context. Early adopters had the time to adapt themselves and adopt new practices which are consitent considering what those tools make possible.

The more time goes by, the biggest benefits are…because things and people change around the tool.

I don’t think this survey will bring anything new to people who are focused on the subject, but it’s clearly one more signal for executives to jump on the train before it’s too late.

PS : I realize I forgot to talk about a former Deloitte survey on this blog. I encourage you to read it as I consider it as a very good strategical approach to what are the reasons to switch to enterprise 2.0. Download it here : us_consulting_hc_connect_talentmgmt2.pdf. It’s one of the best surveys I’ve ever seen on this topic.

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