The Todeka Project : between social networking and digital identity

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Social networks and digital ID are two hot topics at the moment. And certainly among key questions considering the future of our online activities.

A new player is coming, “The Todeka Project”. It seems like a ziki-like with an enlarged perimeter which will also include ID certification.

To learn more about it, you can register here.

To read the pitch…

The Todeka Project is a shareable Web page, OpenID enabled, that lists all your personal sites and certified your identity.
Your Todeka Project Landing Page is always current and up to date, providing the world with all of your personal Websites, Social Networks, Blogs, contact info, and Photo and Video Sharing sites, and all the digital service that you are using.

The Todeka Project is a secure place where you can manage all your Digital Identity services without the need to remember all your personal information and from any device, and you’ll be able to decide which kind of information and to whom you want to provide it.

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